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Deathium, Galactic Halo - using alts to manipulate RVR

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During the Port Battle for Mosquito Cay, Spain implanted operatives in GB for the purpose of throwing the battle.   It's suggested by the way they allowed  themselves to be killed in the battle, but the proof is in the attached screenshot from the Spanish stream of the port battle where player Mr Halo ( who was tribunaled once already this month for using enemy alts for screening purposes before a PB) instructs another player not to target Deathium from clan IJN on the GB side because his clan is 'friendlyish'.  

Planting operatives in a foreign nation to sabotage port battles certainly seems to be in the spirit of what's not allowed by the published rules on using Alt accounts for RVR cheating.  


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1.thats not true

2.BG using alt to block 2 requins at Omoa PB

they lose 15 ships and us 3, 1 of them rolling off, returned to GB, yes, and port royale must be able to flip, stop joking and cryng everywhere.

free reports must be banned, we are tired of this caribean plenty of halfmen

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I mean, im not going to lie. As soon as someone sees IJN or LURE in the name. its "Oh they are ruining stuff" yet they sit there crying that we dont help them with portbattles. Either sort yourself out and allow us to fight and help. Or stop crying that we dont help 




Im honestly fed up of the stupidness of people in GB at the moment

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Thats just backwards entierly, you asked for our help first. we requested you help with the more pressing fight first and we will make an effort to help you guys in return.
And then still when non of you showed up we stopped expecting anything from you however you still want us to help you.

As per your comments last night  
Bosh - ''can we get your help at SDC?''
Us - ''no we've just had 3 pb's to deal with today and non of us have much in that reagion''
Bosh - ''well i hope you die at belize then''

it does indeed seem pretty simple to me

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Excuse me, I am not an operative for another nation and I do not have any alts as I think that having alts is waste of both money and time. I am and have always been a player that has played for GB for over 4 years.


I Brought my guys as a favour to Hydra, CKA, AINC and LAS as they turned up to help at SDC the night before. I will also have it noted that only IJN, Hydra and the tower that got the kills in that battle so if you wanna go down that route if anything I could say that you threw the battle for spain but I am not petty.   


Also Logs will state that IJN did fire on the spanish

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