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'L'aurore' 1697 (French 18 Gun Frigate)

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L'aurore Frigate


Google translated from French

The light frigate, small vessel relegated to the bottom of the ranking between large frigates and long boats and applied for all purposes in the Navy of Louis XIV, had never until now been the subject of a comprehensive study . This is in line with the one on French naval architecture • 17 century, initiated by Jean Boudriot, author of two monographs, one on the
"Ship 3 decks of Monsieur de Tourville" and the other in the long boat "La Belle".
Jean-Claude Lemineur, based on a manuscript of François Coulomb, written in 1683, has written a monograph on his side of a 5th rank ship "Le François." The study of Dawn he proposes, begins with the definition of the characteristics of light frigates at the entrance of the reign of Louis XIV, who still respond to the views prevailing in the first half of the 17th century.
It then traces their evolution, the architecture of the adapting light frigate, like the ship, the steady increase in firepower over the great periods of the reign and the following decades, until despite the reduction of its senior, she is abandoned in favor of the corvette whose forms are more clear-on the water.
The study continues by focusing on a remarkable example of small frigates built in the aftermath of the Ministries of Colbert and Seignelay "L'Aurore" of 18 guns of 6 Books, start of construction in Le Havre in 1697 by Philippe Cochois.
The Dawn is carefully analyzed, both in its architecture and its decor features well-volu metric of its hull. These demonstrate the talent of Philippe Cochois whose career is briefly traced, demonstrating an unusual command of volumes he fashions with boldness. Restitution of Dawn by Jean-Claude Lemineur therefore appeals to all of the few specific sources for this type of building.
The result of these studies is concretized by 31 boards 1'écheJle 1/48 ° that graphically describe Dawn in all its aspects, from its schematic forms to complete rig through its structure and interior layouts.
The relative dryness of the subject is somewhat mitigated by the account of his service in the Royal Navy, particularly with the story of two long cruises across the Atlantic. This story, significant enrichment of the book is the work of the historian Patrick Villiers.
It helps to give of Dawn, a more vivid image.
In total, the monograph provides information both on the technical and historical light frigate in the French navy, de1661à 1750. Its content should respond fully to the expectations of savvy designers.









Building a model:


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Monograph of L'Aurore with pictures and plans (31 drawings) : http://ancre.fr/en/monographies-en/23-monographie-fregate-legere-l-aurore-1697.html

Excerpt in french (with drawings on p. 2) :                   Download (370.3k)        

what a nice ship! I'd totally support this ship in a poll, I love this ship type and older launching year :)

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Light frigate, 1697-1716

Shipbuilder : Cochois at Le Havre (France)

Armament : 18 x 6-pdr + 4 x 4-pdr (22 guns)

Dimensions : 92'0'' x 24'8'' x 9'0'' (French ft)

Ship models : here and here.

Monograph (with plans, history of the light frigates from 1661-1750) : new in English, here. Excerpt : here. 

Other source on the Light frigates : Boudriot, History of the French frigates, p. 52-66

Very nice !!! 🙂

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