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As of right now we have  a liniar main and secondary tower set and one of two rangefinding options. Are more tower options planed for specializing in things like accuracy coms range or damage control? Would be cool to have that be its own little triangle. Picking between speed firepower and protection for the ship as a whole is cool but adding options to chance tower components to compensate for other design decisions would be a neat feature. Right now there are no drawbacks from taking radio radar and a rangefinder but add a flag bridge and secondary CIC and being forced to pick two or three could be a cool choice. 

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Well, ideally all those options (especially the ones regarding visibility) would be added as separate modules to be built on top of your superstructure, kind of like you can place exhaust stacks on top of the tower on some models.

There could also be incentive for mounting multiple gun directors, making your battery fire more accurate at range. Maybe even a tradeoff - a strong secondary battery or a precise main battery out to long range. The same could apply to the later radars, where mounting just one could mean your ship has a blindspot in its radar coverage straight astern.

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