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  1. No, it's not. If you uparmor a given component, its mass will increase in the component menu.
  2. Bug with casemate guns: their weight is counted twice: First off, without any casemate guns, this ship weighs 8930 tons: Now let's add a single 3.3 ton 51 mm gun to any of the broadside slots: Suddenly, we're getting confronted with an increase of 16 tons when the expected increase - mirroring is enabled - is less than 7 tons. With mirroring disabled, the single gun will still weigh in at more than twice its stated weight. Also, while we're on the topic of casemates, once you arrive at suitably large calibers, their weights become ridiculously high. For instance, a
  3. Absolutely not? Outside of increasing mass, precision and range directly correlate with each other. Meanwhile, accuracy isn't a property that should ordinarily be affected by the guns or shells themselves. Accuracy: what is my mean impact point? Precision: how close together are my shot groups? In other words, intrinsically long range guns that are imprecise are physically impossible as the properties that give them long range increase accuracy at the same time. Leave that concept with WoWS. Also, in the past there have been calls to introduce upgraded rangefinding equipment t
  4. My experience with the campaign so far: Start new campaign Set research etc. Check the map for any missions. End first (second, third, fourth, ad nauseum) turn. Lose X transports. Tank your GDP. Needless to say, this is neither fun nor engaging gameplay.
  5. Er...why? https://www.youtube.com/user/Bundeswehr
  6. I agree with your conclusion, but I think along the way you were confusing yourself because the game confuses accuracy with precision. Long range gunfire can be accurate and yet have very little chance to actually hit its target due to being imprecise - the gun mounts simply having too much spread at the range the target is at, due to lack of caliber lengths, too much clearance on the horizontal and vertical aiming machinery, quality of ammunition and propellant, you name it. Meanwhile gun mounts can be precise without being accurate - which is to say the guns are precise when the rangef
  7. That holds true for emergency rangefinding using the turrets' integrated rangefinders. However, the game strongly emphasizes the gun directors on the superstructure, which would under normal circumstances direct the ship battery's fire onto a target without those turrets needing to fall back on their own, less capable rangefinders. That is, unless battle damage forces them to.
  8. What I still find especially grating with regards to the ship designer is the hardpoint system. Especially where main and secondary towers are concerned, it should be removed. Where barbettes are concerned, it should be removed as well. There is no good reason to force it on players except for modules attaching to (or next to) other modules, like smokestacks on towers or primary to secondary towers, and even there it's overdone. As it is it unduly limits the player's options to design their ship the way they want to.
  9. I guess that ship's bridge crew gets smoked even when their location isn't hit...
  10. I'm probably not telling anybody anything new here, but especially the USN had...issues...with their WW2 torpedoes.
  11. Sounds like a reasonably small patch. I'm especially interested in those new barbettes for large guns.
  12. Quite honestly, accuracy (and range) should be a function of caliber length and propellant charge size for the most part. At no point should a certain caliber be made more accurate at a given range arbitrarily. Instead, those turrets should have a significantly smaller footprint with regards to barbette size in addition to substantially lower weight as is the case right now ingame.
  13. To expand on that, those torpedo hits caused a fire to break out, probably not directly caused by the torpex exploding, and that fire could spread to and set off one of the magazines due to a lack of damage control measures because the ship was lying on its side and in the process of being abandoned by its crew.
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