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Hello everyone. As far as I have seen this game has great potential. That you can play with any of the mayor nations is great, but I think that would be great to be able play also with minor nations. Of course there are limitants to do this: only the minor nations with access to the seas would be playable, for understandable reasons. In the naval academy mode I believe would be extremely easy to implement; it would simply another nation to play with/against. Is on the campain where I thik really gets interesting:due to this nations be not as rich, powerful or tecnological advance that any of the mayors, the gameplay of then could be of building smaller fleets, due to a lack of funds, and probably not as advance ships. They could interact with the mayors in a way, perhaps even they could become mayor powers themselves. Of couse this thing could be add later. Overrall I believe it would make a great adition.

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I think that may be a lot of work for the devs. I love Europa Universalis, Crusader Kings, and the like, but I’d rather have a well done cast of 8-10 major powers than 200 or so minor powers.


By the by, Id love to see updates for possible regime changes:


Qing China — Kuomintang — Communist China

Imperial Russia — Soviet Union

Imperial Germany — Weimar Republic — Nazi Germany

Kingdom of Spain — Spanish Republic — Fascist  Spain

Ottoman Empire — Republic of Turkey

Austria-Hungary — poof (JK, could be a neat opportunity for minor powers to gain major units)

Etc, Etc


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1 hour ago, VarangianGarde said:

By the by, Id love to see updates for possible regime changes:

An attempt to adapt to changing internal politics could be fun.

Like if you failed during a war and a revolution takes hold, leaving you with a new regime that may be far less trusting of any mistakes, or maybe if you had poor relations with the former nation you would effectively have a blank slate, or hell even a bonus.

Although rewarding the player for intentionally hurting the navy of your nation would seem kind of silly.

Still, it would seem odd if you couldn't play as the soviets or other nations that formed during the turn of the century.

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24 minutes ago, Fess21 said:

The south americans didn't build their own ships so not sure how they could fit in.

That's easy.

There could easily be some sort of mechanic for using another nation's dockyard for building your ships, or maybe even buying ships directly. Could be a nice way to get some extra cash and get rid of some of your more outdated models of ship.

Although this did also get me thinking. If minor nations are simulated in a similar way to major powers, what role will they end up having on the world stage?

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Nah, maybe have some way to influence them, then gain a few small fleets.

Like if you declared war on the USA you may have to deal with a few small supporting fleets from Brazil or Argentina.

Or maybe you're going after Germany, and they managed to sway someone like Sweden or the Netherlands to their side, allowing the German's to cover more ground.

Think of it almost like mini alliances that could assist a larger power, and making it so you wouldn't need to be 100 percent reliant on your own fleet or major allies at all times.

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While also true, you could easily influence that by just selling old ships/getting very good relations with them so they have a higher chance to request ships be built in your dock yards.
Besides, it's a game! There are gonna be a ton of non-historic things that happen, maybe Austria-Hungary is the first to build the dreadnought or a ship similar to it, etc.

Having alternate history occurrences seems natural and having minor powers being up-gunned in certain cases doesn't seem all too odd to me. Though I'd also say maybe having a setting for... I don't know "Historical minor nations" versus "Expanded minor nation fleets" may be a good idea.

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16 hours ago, Fess21 said:

You will love this then


10 nations with probably 5 government types covers most. The south americans didn't build their own ships so not sure how they could fit in.

@Nick Thomadis That's a good list that covers about 90% of what I'd like to see. As stated elsewhere, it seems like the mechanic here will be based on major empires that at least had the potential to build their own ships, even if there were sales and tech sharing from time to time.


I would suggest you might consider adding (at some point, maybe even an expansion):

            Brazil: Definitely the dominant power in South America, and usually possessed a sizable (if second rate) fleet. Lot of potential for the player to build off here.

            Ottoman Empire: Also a sizable power, though also with a fairly sizable second rate fleet. If the player could avert collapse in the WWI era, again a lot of interesting potential.


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