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  1. - Did it happen during battle or during fleet loading phase? I was loading into the new "pocket battleship" mission after finishing my ship, which was the most modern heavy cruiser available with 3 10 inch triple guns. - How many ships were involved in the battle e.g. (You 1xBB vs AI 1xBB, 1xBC, 2xCA etc.) Unknown as I never made it into the battle, nor even saw the loading screen, just ship builder, but with the ship absent. - Which nations were the opponents? France (I think) - Did you notice something else more helpful? (e.g. crash happened when certain ships
  2. Weight and how destroyers are fundamentally used changes, since it turns a destroyer that has say, 3 double tube mounts from needing a squad to carry out an attack before pulling off to fend off the opposing destroyers as a screen.(Or hell maybe even SAVING their torps to be used once the right occasion makes itself known) to just pulling away, deploying smoke, and coming around for another two passes. One destroyer with the way mounts work right now is severally overvalued from their historical counterpart, at least from the meta way you're describing. Again, I'd rather just have it so t
  3. I'm unsure how the treaties will work, but with the campaign looking closer to being done by the day, I have a feeling it'll be known in more detail before the end of the year. Still, I do hope, like you said, that there is more interaction then just "there is a naval treaty now, you are limited to x things" and instead had more of a interaction from the player, maybe being able to argue for ships currently being built to have a grace period to be finished, or maybe try to squeeze a few more tons out of the requirements, or even just flat out make unreasonable demands so the whole thing fall
  4. The German pre-dreadnought battleship 3 hull has been an annoyance to me for as long as I can remember it being in game. For one the more upgraded 'front tower 3' mount needs to just have that GIANT GAP in between it and the upper deck for it to be placed. Which means you are heavily limited on what guns can even be mounted in the front for more or less no reason. It isn't even an issue of true collision since when you try and place it flush with the deck behind it, it looks like a perfect fit and the designer just yells "OVERLAPS WITH BORDER" instead. Worst of all is that the
  5. I honestly would just want an setting that could be swapped between since the last thing I'd want is to mess up how people like to play their game, but would like torps to be represented a bit more accurately within that alternate option. Although I wouldn't say that just because the game is going to lend itself outside of history and probably for some neat alt-history situations once the campaign is out, doesn't make for a good reason to just ignore how something worked. Placing a turret, barbett or torpedo tube in a non conventional way is one thing. How those work within the game is
  6. I have come to the realization that reloading torpedoes while at sea is not really a thing (with the exception of the Japanese in ww2). And while I do like having a few destroyers have several massive, repeating broadsides, I was curious if there would be a slightly more realistic option. Maybe a setting so "in combat torpedo reloads" can be toggled for the sake of preference. That, or turn the reload into a nation specific bonus for the Japanese in the late game. I'm unsure if this has ever been addressed, so I wanted to make a post to see if this subject has been brought up before.
  7. I'd say this but with one slight change, have it be listed as obsolete, but sill usable. Although maybe even that would be hard to judge. Who's to say having a turbine instead of the more advanced version to save on cost is a bad plan? Hell, maybe you do use a very old engine on a ship, but know it'll only be used for coastal patrol duties and doesn't need all that expense. The point is there are some reasons to have old stuff in a new ship. Not every ship, but old tech has it's place.
  8. I have the feeling many of the values in the game are very much placeholders. By the time of a campaign I could easily imagine some tech penalties penalties for certain nations that may allow for that sort of a situation. Like probably China, Russia and Spain will have some difficulties keeping up with naval tech. Or hell maybe you could just have a larger focus elsewhere as the player, maybe having newer engines never became too much of a problem because of other areas of focus for your nation? Point is I think there will be room for this sort of thing later on, but for now, yeah it i
  9. I think there are certainly a few ways to go about it. The simplest, and probably least interesting would be making it purely an aesthetic thing. Something a bit better would be to simply make it a flat penalty to spotting ships and aiming. Now what could make this more interesting is using some of what you mentioned, flares, star shells, searchlights. All of which could be different tech that would needed to be researched to help night combat go more effectively, all of course having their own drawbacks and bonuses to assist. Making it visual as well could be extremely nice, plus it
  10. Not sure if this thread is still being utilized, but I'll throw my two cents here. Having an extension to the dreadnought era feels almost like a must. Even if it's only later down the line, a 5 or 10 year extension back could make the later dreadnoughts feel like that much more of a technical leap. And while pushing it (especially since all it was was the topic of an April fools mission) Having a situation where even ironclads could be prevalent, even if only the last of their classes, could be another chance for the player to experience a massive leap in technology. The only other majo
  11. What scenario are you in and could you please post the design of said ship? But to answer your question there isn't really much of an after action report at the moment. What I would recommend is looking over the ship overview and ship details both of which are in the ship building screen on the top right as a drop down which can provide a lot of helpful info when making a ship. Also I'm a little confused. Why couldn't a Battleship's battery fire at a ship within their range if even if another ship is in front of them? Certainly they should be able to range it in, even if a cruiser was clo
  12. Damn, never realized this was talked about before. Although I do think there is more to be said on even a hypothetical level. That thread was months ago and although the updates haven't been total overhauls since then, the way it could be imagined could certainly have changed. Plus I think having what will end up being common procedure in the main campaign be brought up and discussed certainly can't hurt.
  13. Actually there may be a bit of an issue now that I think about it. If the towers on a ship are the only components to them, we can't have a situation like the early US dreadnoughts replacing their cage masts, since the towers have a bunch of the components you mentioned all crammed inside them. Although the game is still quite early on, so I could see some changes to that. Either way using history as a guide does seem at least somewhat useful to assist in getting an idea here, but I almost swore there were situations of larger ships having their guns swapped out for other larger ones.
  14. While the campaign is still quite far off I can't help but think about how refits would work. What I'm very interested in, maybe because of the recent April fools update is a situation similar to the SMS Leitha. A Monitor having several refits decades after she was first built, ending up being used during and after the first world war by several powers, even if in a more limited capacity late in her career. She also had several different turret layouts, new engines, had new guns installed in older, but still functional turret mounts, etc. My question here is what the limits of a refit sh
  15. That may be your problem. While 6 inches are fine, using a 5 inch gun is just a barely capable gun. It should be used maybe as a backup at most, that or just something small to keep damage up on longer lasting engagements. Also getting the reload time as low as possible would be a good plan. Maybe even try light shells along with reloading tech. But I will say using as many guns as possible is still probably viable even with 5 inches. But like @madham82 said, the AI for destroyers is a little bit busted. I seriously think there isn't too much wrong with the mechanics of hitting them or arou
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