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Historical Ships in Campaign?


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Hallo Travelers!


I was wondering whenever the AI as enemy in the campaign, would use the historical designs of the navies, go completely random, a mixed of the first 2, or perhaps also try to counter build players?

Now there are alot of pro's and cons for each approach.

Facing the historical designs would mean each nation would have somewhat of they character keept and "beating" the historical design could be fun.

On the other hand, it makes the campaign, if the only option, pretty predictable since even if you don't know the different classes you probably learn them fast and counter building relative easy-


Competently random is exactly that. Random. You will see odd and crazy designs, which arguably is the point of the game.

It also means thou that the "historical" aspect of the game is weakened.


I think I would like have either the option or a mixed of both of them. Like for example that UK has a certain "bias" aka % chance to build ships like the Queen Elisabeth class. I mean "like", aka the maingun layout would be copied, not necessary every detail. 


The last mention, the AI counterbuilding is probably not feasible. Thou ti would make the game the most challenging in a good way beyond "Ai has more money then you". 


What would you want? Do you want to see ships/classes of history pop up in your campaign as foe or would you prefer random?


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it would be nice to see historical ships floating around and fight them though it would be predictable


i think each nation should focus on what they did in real life

so the british go with either a KGV layout with quads or a full forwards armament like nelson or g3 and early on would have twin turret only until the 20-30s

while germans dont use triple turrets (german hoist layout problem which they never solved) and the french use all forwards armament with quad turrets

japanese would be more standard though preffering twin turrets and america would be a mix of quite a few layouts


maybe 3 options like random, inspired and historical ?


dunno just an idea


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Could they be added in as presets for the auto builder to chose from? This could be a nice find for those who care about the history without effecting any of the gameplay. Finding an accurate HMS hood or SMS Emden in the middle of a normal battle would be fun.

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