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So I have all the naval academy missions done except the one where you have a bb and some destroyers and need to destroy  10 tb.

Is there something wrong? TBs are super hard to hit even when stationary right next to another ship, and even if they are hit they can tank more damage then a cl. 

Best I got was sinking 6 and one at 13% struct but the time run out (and this was a lot of painful micro)


Is there something I'm not seeing or some mechanic that I missed?

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On 10/15/2019 at 10:56 AM, Vader_sama said:

I just loaded my DDs with as many guns as I possible can and just kite away from them.

When I tried that I could not get enough damage before the timer (hell even when trying to go gung-ho and dodge the torpedoes under 1,5 km still best I could do was 6 sunk and one almost before the end ). I had to use superior economy. 

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On 10/13/2019 at 10:07 AM, kadm said:

In war and in love... 

I decided to stop playing fair:

How how how how how please share your wisdom please

I'll be honest and direct: I tried using Cheat Engine to no avail (though I don't exactly know much other than trying all buttons), how did you manage that?

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Found the answer to be more guns aka more ships and to have max. belt armor, so go with more funds as neither enh. guns/torps or survivability will do much for DDs

Build them small and with as much balance to them as possible, to help keep pitch and roll low and you should be able to get 6-7 DDs.

The design I got them with was, 800t displacement, 25kn, very short range, standard bulkheads, 3-exp steam, Harvey armor, reinf. bulkheads, Anti-flood I, heavy shells, reduced torpedo ammo, guncotton, adv. hydraulics with a 1.5" Belt and turret armor. 4x4" guns (1 front 3 rear) 2 enh. funnels with a single tube torpedo in between them. 0% offset, pitch 9 roll 0.8

Upon start of mission, pause check weather restart mission if few or no bonuses, maybe split DDs in to two groups, select HE and set guns to aggressive, torps to off, speed to 19kn, keep BB alone with all set to aggressive plus HE. Target TBs as soon as it possible, help BB to stay on them too. Switch torpedos back on when you cripple one and it stopped moving.

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Yup CE didn't work for me. It's not a simple place in memory to edit. The value gets calculated on the fly [Or I'm just bad at using CE]. So you would have to try to find the list of parts that the ship is built on by adding and removing same part. Then browse memory region and change stuff and see what happens. At least that's my guess on how to do it with CE. 

I used a C# debugger to hack some procedures regarding part calculation but this does not result in what you would like. Because the enemy uses same functions. So while I was able to have a lot of DDs enemy CA were 50" armour all around, and my BB had a turn radius of 20km or something like that  XD. Thankfully TBs are not armored so in flames they went. 

I also saw why they don't want to give unlimited resources atm. If a dev reads this: The graphical glitch [or rather not glitch but pushing the system to the limits it was not designed to handle](that I introduced by messing with cost and weight and displacement calculation functions) with air tubes (or whatever those are called) was hilarious. XD

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Ok, somehow i just finshed the dd mission, but without reaching the given objektives (sink 70% of the enemy ships and 100% of the TB). After killing both CA and 7 TB i was running out of time, just befor the timer run out i killed TB Nr 8, never the less the mission was counted as a sucess.

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Ok thanks for the clearifcation. I find it a bit odd that the conditions is given in percent, since sunken ships are integer and we a players don't know the runding rules you using.

Here it seems to be rounded up, 12 * 0.7 = 8,4 , but i had to sink 8 TB and 2 CA to trigger victory.


Maybe it would be better to give something like: sink 10 out of 12 ship or sink 10 TB


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