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Can anyone share their experience with the Mortar Brig post release / nerf? How effective is it against ships and fortifications compared to previous stats / performance? How did the damage model rework affect it? I remember the MB was already not very popular generally in PB lineups, just if you needed it someone had to sail it...

Is there any more efficient / faster / enjoyable way to unlock its slots than fighting tiny bots with its broadside?

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36 minutes ago, Aegishjalmur said:

Does it even hit consistently without mortar handbook anymore?

I think the whole thing is you should have the handbook if you want it to hit decently.  

As for the MB I'm about to do the tutorial for my third Dutch char I'm just going to use to get labor contracts off him, but i think I''ll lest him up as a Mortar Brig captian (this char tends to be a hauler char for me in the future with fleet slots and nothing else but mortar brig perk).  I'll have to test it out.

Fastest way I always found to level them up was just do a port battle and that normall gets you enough, or get some one to board an AI while you shoot at it and sink it.

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A few observations of the MB post release.

1. The accuracy went to crap to the point that I saw one round hit the far left of the target circle and the other one landed at the far right. That is more then the entire ship length of a L'Ocean.

2. The guns still rotate at the same speed which most should already be used to.

3. The flight time of the rounds is still massively unrealistic. For the distance being covered it should be a lot less ( like no more than 5 or 6 seconds not this 30 crap)

4. With certain builds and perks the MB can still be a effective anti ship weapon, once you get through the painful process of getting your first 2 boxes open.


About the best way to level up the ship is with another person in a light ship to act as bait when fighting a lineship. Expect to miss a lot and adjust your aim.


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