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Update the custom files

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If you have worked on the localization files creating awesome community translations - you need to update the custom file to the latest versions, as there were changes in the main file. 

For example 
The input message that was required to be typed into when closing outposts was replaced with the numbers (date of game launch) to simplify the localization works
Previous message - type CLOSE or Type DELETE
New message - type 190116  

If a player uses the community custom file he still has the CLOSE message in other languages if he is using the custom file translation.

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Custom German Language File updated

  • Original language file taken & corrected some grammatical errors.
  • Translated : Chattitles
  • Added some color to the combat news to highlight player, nation and position of sinking/boarding. Corrected some grammatiacal errors too..
  • Changed "HAFEN VERLASSEN" (Leave Port) to "SEGEL SETZEN" (Set Sails)
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