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Fleet TP escape exploit

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23 minutes ago, seanjo said:

What does?

the ability to let your ai run - which could be a ship you captured, or your own ship after "transferring" to another ship you own in the battle and then scuttling your ship with a friend by killing each other.

1. capture enemy ship
2. transfer to the enemy ship, have your ai exit battle with your original ship
3. proceed to have you and a friend shoot each other to sink each other
4. enemy loses a ship and then does not get any rewards for you sinking.
5. further, since your ai escaped from battle, you are now in port with your originally ship safely intact in your fleet window.

I know of players who use this tactic a bit differently, but essentially you are able to secure the ship you want living back into port without having to sail it at all AND also bypassing any further battles that otherwise would have happened.

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26 minutes ago, admin said:

Using fleet escape command is not considered an exploit at this stage. But we aware of the feature consequences and are looking into it. 



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