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A controversial colour of His Majesty's Ship

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Hello good people, I'm going to be brief this time, because I'm preparing a super-post of suggestions on the subject of modifications on the boats... I recently realized that the real HMS Victory has changed its color to a little more clear. Not the one of its majestic black lines, but the one of its "yellow" lines/stripes as well as the embrasures and portholes of the cannons (to a lighter and brighter red color) as you can see in this video:

The change of color of the lines caused a stir in the English population, because they liked the previous one, but many researchers say that they have changed it because that is how historically Horatio Nelson and his shipmates of the 19th century saw it.

As in reality, in the game there will be people among you who would prefer to have their Victory with the yellow lines (as it is now), or rather, a kind of light salmon, terracotta off or a bit pink, as you prefer. At pleasure of the one who pays it.


(This is just a small suggestion/example of ship skins, thank you developers for your daily work)

Navío Victory antes y después de su nuevo pintado

In the top side, the oldest/unrrealistic version. In the down side, the new/historical version.

color del navío HMS Victory

In the left side, the oldest/unrrealistic version. In the right side, the new/historical version.


For those who want a trip inside the Victory, with its new colors:


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1 hour ago, SirAlatriste said:

How do you get that colour on the Victory?

At the moment you can't get it. Paints have been removed a while ago for rework. But i'm sure we'll see them come back in the future. So stay tuned.

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