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  1. @adminWrong again. If you separate assets from Port Infrastructure (Fort quantity, tax, labor penalties after raid) it will work nicely. No need to go and touch player assets, just hit infrastructure a little and let them restore it. More things to do and more fun. But...Duh...no one wants to think here... If enemy made my econ difficult(not impossible) like you have it now, I will try to prevent it next time. Make players deliver goods to restore forts, harbors, factories that were burnt down during raids. Few days of restoration work is fine before next possible attack every 7 days on the same port.
  2. @adminAlso it is important to add achievement/mission meter to the screen. If player can see what they have to achieve and what rewards are waiting for them they will do it when bored. Look at what ESO did.
  3. Sadly that is all they can offer which is lame. What about Titles, flags, custom emblems, ship stripes, sail texture (worn out, holes, stitched, all this for OS look). People will love these, but keep trying Devs. So far I am not impressed.
  4. Prepare $20 bucks man you will need it.
  5. Not only grammar that makes bad impression here. Money is in the details...
  6. $10 max, forget about $20. No matter if it has infinite uses. More and more I realize that NA project is just a rip off. So much promised stuff got removed and now we have to pay $20 to switch nations? No way.
  7. $20 for nation change? you lost your mind?
  8. So, keep chasing people who do not want to fight and make them quit faster. That is not my problem. 767 down from 900.
  9. It works, even I pvped more knowing I have to spend less time replacing losses. Great, thanks for your opinion. Everything counts. Your 1 dura causing Admin to ask for solutions. Clearly working fine.
  10. Well, that is your pvp concept working as intended. 1 dura my friend is a game killer. They afraid to loose their (1 dura)ship, here is your answer. They would turn and fight knowing their hard earned work will have another chance. This was addressed on these forums for months, but no one wants to hear it. Btw, they prob quit after they got sunk. I can also suggest insurance.
  11. This makes no sense.
  12. Forcing players to do pvp will not get us anywhere. You make players go pvp by bringing content to it as final reward.
  13. @admin instead of doing what you think is right you let people drive you. Yes solo players are NA future, they are new guys who will fight solo at first and yes they should be able to stand against gank group. Problems that make NA pvp difficult and unpopular. -Long travel times. -Cost and time to replace / refit ships / find mods etc. -No instant reinforcement feature. (Call for help and let players just click join and help without need of search and sail) Antiganking solution is to allow player to call for help and let helpers instantly join the fight. 3vs1 - Press Call For help (Help 0/2) Your armor/Damage/Resistance is now x3
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