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Regarding Signatures
Captains please stop using large vertically oversized signatures. They break the forum and make topics unreadable.


The maximum height allowed is 150px


From now on all oversized signatures will be deleted without warning

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On ‎12‎/‎19‎/‎2014 at 7:02 PM, admin said:

18. Naming Forum Accounts. (update October 2018)

If an Account is assigned a name which is not in compliance with the established protocol, a warning notice will be issued. 
Account owner must change it as soon as possible.
In case of ignoring the warning or repeated offences of the naming rules, an Account may be blocked. 

The following types of names of Accounts are prohibited: 

  1. directly or indirectly offending another person or a group of persons or containing profanity; or having a hate speech / racist nature or discriminatory of any social group of people;
  2. Containing the real, in game, or forum name of a Forum Administrator or Moderator, or directly or indirectly alluding to ownership of the Account by Administrators or Moderators;   
  3. containing information that violates applicable law or ethical conduct norms

The Administration of the Forum reserve the right to make a final decision on the compliance of the names of Accounts within the rules. 


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On 3/10/2017 at 9:28 AM, Henry d'Esterre Darby said:

Effective Immediately

Accusing people or groups of cheating, or exploiting in the public forums or in game chat is not permitted with the following exceptions:

  • If you have video or other effective and conclusive proof, you may post that proof along with the accusation in Tribunal.
  • If you do not have video or other effective proof, but instead suspect there may be wrongdoing, you may use F11, or Private Message Ink and/or an active Moderator on the forums.  Please provide as much evidence as possible, and please F11 and note the bug number where applicable.  If you're messaging Ink or the Moderators, it helps to have bug numbers (they look like NAB-12345, but bug numbers are not required) so that your complaint can be properly investigated.

Those who violate this rule in game are to be reported via right clicking the person's name where they made the statement, and selecting Report.  In the forums, please click the "Report" link at the top of the post.  Violation of this rule can result in withdrawal of your in game chat and/or forum posting privileges.


A note from the Moderation Team:

We would prefer that exploits (with reproduction) be provided via F11 or through a PM to Ink and/or an active Moderator on the forums.  If you feel an exploit has not been addressed or handled in a timely manner via F11, I assure you that including a few active Moderators in a PM will get you very quick attention so long as there is enough detail for us to replicate the bug.  Moderators are players just like you, and we come from almost every nation in the game - we do not like to hear about exploits and all hell breaks loose behind the scenes when one is brought to our attention and we are able to replicate it.

I have personally been involved in around four different exploit reports.  In every one of those cases, I had personal attention from a member of the Development staff within no more than 2 hours of being able to replicate the exploit and a fix was started shortly after.  We, as moderators, are very invested in a fair and fun game for everyone (we play it too, and with the same limitations in rank, money, etc. as players), as are the Developers.  We'll work with you to make sure identified and replicatable exploits are addressed and fixed as soon as possible.  Help us help you.

Copied this rule here as it applies both in game and in these forums.

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On 8/6/2019 at 4:27 AM, Ink said:

Advertising messages selling items/gold/ships for real world currency is strictly forbidden. Players posting such messages in public spaces will receive permanent ban from chat without warning. Please report such messages by an in game report function and by posting in tribunal. Multiple reports on the same steam id (mass advertising) could also cause permanent game access bans. 

Keep in mind that we only accept in-game chat reports as proof, as reddit, discord and other platforms posts can be fabricated to badmouth users.

Always remember that a good portion of of gold sellers are not there to sell you gold but to steal your credit card. Do not engage in transactions with shady brokers as you might lose all your money.


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Update for general rules of the forum. 

Due to the quantity of users on this forum, there will be no second chances. Anyone who is acting overly aggressive or contributing to an overall negative mood in the forum will be removed from it, without hesitation. Show respect to your fellow users and keep the forums clean!

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