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Ships Turning rate max limit

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22 minutes ago, The Red Duke said:

How did you come to the limit, please ?

( would be cool if the limits were by plans safety limits and going out of envelop could result in... damage to the parts )

After adding two ship knowledges for turning rate (and having Bow Figure - Katherine) turning rate stops. Of course proper wood helped too but wasnt to hard get there in Endymion. Having info about limits can better help in choosing wood and perm upgrades/refits ...rest can be done by proper ship knowledge selection...

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It's 20% counting both woods and mods.  I found this out the other day doing a turn spec Aggy to it's max of 2.82.   So the max you can get any ship turn rate is 20% of it's base.

Remember when you max out any thing you need to add in the build wood.



Oh and I do believe the max out for reload is 25%.

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20 minutes ago, The Red Duke said:

Can you post the build tests ?

Nice try...I'm not going to tell you my build cause we prob will cross cannons on the open world at some time....lol

12 minutes ago, Peter Goldman said:

Yes, great approach considering we have permanent upgrades giving no effect once we reach hard cap - try to imagine how many perm mods had to be deleted because of that "great" approach that majority of the players is not aware about :) Are there permanent upgrades in Dark Souls that you need to delete when you reach a hard cap?

Yah luckly I had a figurehead i could remove once I found that hard cap for the turn rate since I had ship knowledge that put it over the limit.  I removed that and went with another figurehead instead for something else that was more handy.  



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Wasn't a try, was a honest thing but I respect a captain with secrets :)

Not that most of the information posted in the wiki and other resource sites isn't community shared, but hey, snappy salute.

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