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  1. I was out of the game for more than a year. Can someone tell me how wipe process for release will look like? Will we get xp and craft wipe as well or just assets, books etc?
  2. is it possible for you guys to present some map with what will be captrurable and what not exactly?
  3. Im not sure about % but found turn cap on Endymion (3.12) and Consti (2.86) but had to be in the game to check and compare it with initial numbers
  4. wow that boat was though... crew mofo ninja space ships then ...btw mediums on that distance I think are awesome...
  5. was good fight... we faked that badly by keepin you on upwind side and obviously your boats were thicker... we didnt want to run or escape so tell Alexey that there is no need to shout through chat... GF again
  6. as far as I understand you will be able to take control (taxes, access) so called non capturable nation ports and use it within war company members (at the same time with members of nation the port belongs to)
  7. I wonder if there will be limitations over creating chatered war companies... if for example number of clans within one company...then we might have conflicts within nation
  8. and how you want to solve internal conflicts over ports control (especially nation ones?)
  9. imo new update announcement is mostly responsible... map reset waiting... just like before wipe
  10. but to avoid forming big coalitions will you disallow joining 3rd parties into OW battles? So if there is battle between some two Chartered war companies only members of those will be able to join? PB will be limited to only 2 war companies of course but screening etc is also important
  11. As for building upgrades in this new scenario I suggest to allow buy crucial and rare materials for perm upgrades/refits only through manual buy (not placed contract). That will encourage people to travel and search ports with traders... in other case best upgrades will be exclusive for certain nation only
  12. I've read but how regions and ports individually can be captured at the same time?
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