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Maybe some new guys find this helpful?

I decided to obsess over optimal perk distribution for a very specific task and ended up making this little thing.


You need to log into google and make your own copy to use it, btw...

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idiot proofing ;)
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Would be nice if you can pick your perks and than see the point count with all them, but they aren't set until you push a button to set perks.  That way folks can make sure they use up all there points or pick what they want in game.  With the no free reset this would be way better for new players that might not know what each perks or might change minds a billion time while reading them.  Than once you set the ones you want you push that button and they are all set until it's reset again by the 50 pve  reset token.

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On 6/9/2017 at 8:03 AM, jodgi said:

Are you trying to make my almost useless thing completely useless? T_T

are I'm making your almost useless thing a great concept that needs to be put into game.....all credit going towards you of course for coming up with the proto of how it should work in game;)

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1 hour ago, Captain corn blower said:

 Picking your perk . It should be free rest ,it would allow you to taylor your missions, and stop wasting  pve marks to do so . 50 pves to reset REALLY!!!!!! Come DEVS make it free  at least until the game is released

reset - click eco perks - do eco - reset - click hunting perks - hunt - reset - click PB perks - do PB.

The whole point is avoid players having optimal perks for every single thing we do.

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