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A Treasure Hunters guide to errrrrrrr Treasure Hunting - Magic in a Bottle

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For anyone who is new to Naval Action, like myself, just a quick word about catching one of these Sealed Bottles whilst fishing. I don't know how often you are likely to catch one, or how many of these are in game. But when or if you are lucky enough to land one, just a word of warning.

On opening your bottle, you will find that it reveals the position on the map, of where this treasure ship can be found. Just look on the map and you will see a half sunk ship motif, similar to the crossed swords battle positions.  No one else will be able to see it or have information to its whereabouts because it only shows up on your map when you open your bottle  and no one else's map. I have only had the game for a few weeks and so far have been lucky enough to land three of these bottles. 

So far, I have only opened the first one I caught, the other two are stored in my warehouse unopened for the time being.


Now for the exciting part. At the time I landed this first bottle, I was just a Midshipman with my trusty old Basic Cutter, so decided to take a break from Admiralty Orders, and sail off to "The Far Side of the World" in search of my treasure ship. Well it really did seem like the far side of the world in my little Cutter, or at least on the other side of my map. It took three days to get to the location and thank's to the new map positions, I managed to navigate there quite easily without getting lost.


When nearing the position of the wreck, I glimpsed a ghostly outline of what seemed like a ship, through my telescope and sure enough I had found my treasure. The sun was about to rise in the East and there was a bit of a storm brewing over the horizon, towards the North West. Out of the mist appeared what seemed like "The Flying Dutchman". There it was in all its glory, an old battered hulk half under water, with its sails all shredded and lifeless. I and my crew were feeling rather jolly at the sight of it and we broke open a bottle of rum and spliced the main brace in jubilation. Time to pick up the booty and then return back to Port Royal, to tell the tale in the bar of the "Jolly Tar''.


But all was not as it seemed. Yes there was lots of Gold & Silver Coins, Iron Ingots, Oak Planks and a few decent upgrades, but I could not take the treasure. Dam! My hold in my little Cutter was not large enough to take it, so I had to abandon the whole operation and return empty handed, much to the disappointment of my crew, I feared a mutiny was possible, but thank God for my loyal crew, we returned safely back without incident.  


It seems that you will need a ship with more hold slots, in order to be able to take the reward. I thought I had lost my treasure for good, but all was not lost, as the wreck motif still remained on my map, so I was able to return at a later date, with a Traders Brig and pick up my treasure, hoping that the treasure would still be in its hold. Thankfully, at the second attempt, the treasure was still in the wreck and making sure it was safely in my ships hold, I set sail as the wreck just vanished somewhere beneath the waves, to the realm of King Neptune, and I became a rich old sea dog.


I still have two more bottles to open yet, but I won't make the same mistake twice. Make sure you seek your treasure in a Trading Ship, with a big enough hold to contain the treasure, otherwise you will not be able to claim it. Before I was able to buy my larger Brig, I had to do quite a few battles to gain the rank of 1st Lieutenant, in order to be able to purchase a bigger vessel. My trusty little Cutter is docked in Port Royal, with my Traders Brig and I am now venturing into action with my new Navy Brig, with much improved firing power than my little Cutter had. Next ship on the horizon for me will be a Snow, me thinks! Still fishing on every voyage, you never know how many of these bottles you may land.


Good Luck with your Fishing!

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This might change... since I am posting it .... all things known, ya know... But if you have noticed since the last patch, the bottles were being strewn throughout the map at distances of up to but not limited to 15-17 grid boxes away from your opening coordinates. I opened one yesterday (near Le Moule) and my wreck appears to be at Hidden Island. That's almost (zoomed in) 23+ boxes away!


ok, that said... I had noticed a bit of a routine, of sorts, and have told a few people who have helped me validate this to a degree. BUT! here goes. You can almost direct the destination of the drop, if you are in a moving boat, (say at Slow sails) and direct (point) the aft end of your ship in the direction of the location you hope to have the wreck drop - and click use -- them check map -- do not turn boat, until you check the map. Tried this 3 additional times yesterday out of Ile-a Vache, and directed my ships aft toward Plymouth/Le Moule, and "voila!" ... the WRECKS --- yes all 3 wrecks, ended up being smack in between those 2 ports - just south or east of English Harbor. This allowed quick retrieval. But upon getting to the last wreck, I came across a sealed bottle.

     [Now the Disclaimer] Once the wreck was acquired, I opened this new bottle, and this is now why I am heading to Hidden Island. I should have opened it at Ile-a-vache .. (ugh!) ... there always has to be an outlier!!! but out of 40+ bottles .. I have managed to only have 3 outliers thus far.


ok .. I know they are "random" drops.. but more times than not, I am getting the wrecks to drop "near" where I can more easily access them by "directing" them via the method above. It might be pure coincidence... I don't know... but out of about 40+ bottles, I have only had around 3 outliers (like this last one) using that methodology.


again here is that method in 3 short steps:


1) Get boat moving in OW (Battle sails- Slow sails)

2) point aft end of boat in desired direction of drop (hopefully this is about 10-14 boxes away and NEAR an OP of yours in that area)

3) Click USE -- and then Check map (dont turn boat until you check map)


3 other people tried this yesterday, and they seem to validate it. It may not drop right on top of your OP,... but it may be closer than sailing 1/3 across the map!


Happy Hunting!


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yep.... ya know when you figure something out... and get it to work for you .. then share that info ... then go back to use it and it changes? yep .. told ya... above... lol... 2days ago I cold literally aim my bottles where I wanted them (about 10-14 boxes away) but always behind me. Well, got on last night, and drew 3 bottles ... and low and behold... new change! arrrggg!


yeah --- now they are spawning 5-7 boxes directly "in front" of Coordinate origination -- not 12-14 behind it. Again, I am simply stating where mine are dropping. ITs not definitive (by any means) ... I was hoping it would help folks out... but if it changes every day well .. its a mute point. We'll see for tonights drops.



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