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  1. You're missing the point entirely. We would not care if there was a timer attached to the ship delivery, similar to cargo deliveries, and the ship has to be empty. This is not about instant gratification, it's about being able to let the AI do the mundane tasks so we can go and PvP or trade or do something important. Maybe you have 8 hours a day to move ships around and still fit in PvP and trading, then by all means use that time to move ships. I would rather be engaging in the game and providing content for other players in the few hours I have to spare after work and kids, instead of watching my ship sail completely empty.
  2. Please devs - fix coward perk to at least be a range based perk in line with control. It makes no sense that we have to keep a constant tag on a ship to keep said ship in battle. I could be right next to somebody, or slightly astern, and if I don't fire on him in one minute, he simply disappears!! How does this make any sense?? Had somebody down to 60% sails, after already popping his sail repair - moved to rake his stern and did not realize was coming up on the one minute timer and he disappeared even though I was literally about 10 yards behind him. This is making me sick of this game. Enough with the magical perks and buttons that don't do anything. Fix the core mechanics and let us PvP instead of playing a game of perks and counter-perks.
  3. Agree with Texas, Surprise is a great ship, and you can fully crew it at that level, unlike the two heavier frigates. 2nd place would be Belle Poule, imho. The Frigate is a pretty hefty ship to get used to if you're just getting into the heavier frigates - it's not as forgiving as the Belle when it comes to sailing errors.
  4. Some would say the downside is you are then using AI to do a job that real people could do. Added benefit being that you could inject more cash into the economy at the same time from the payments made to these escorts. Bring back the AI for the newbies only, if you must have some AI, since potentially they would not necessarily have the cash to pay for a player escort (however, crew limitations make it unlikely noobs will use the AI. I didn't). The bigger traders should be hiring real people to do that job.
  5. Could implement a "tow" feature. Send a minimal crew over to the captured ship to hook up a rope and pull it back to port. If you get caught in another battle, the captured ship is unusable. If you're sunk, you lose the capture - as is normal. As for capturing multiple ships? That's a different discussion pertaining to the credibility of chain-boarding.
  6. This I'm ok with, there should be some risk to trusting an AI captain with delivery of your goods. What I do not want to see are more PvE opportunities, such as these random mega-convoys, on the PvP server.
  7. There is no need for AI fleets, period. Noobs cant field them effectively. If you have the crew for a bigger ship, get the bigger ship. Need an escort for your valuable cargo? Hire someone and increase the PvP on the PvP Server, and put some of that wealth back into the economy by paying those escorts.
  8. Exactly. We are finally starting to see traders that understand the benefit of coughing up some of their gold for an escort (clans have been doing it for free for a while). Don't ruin that now by adding in other unnecessary AI crutches. The PvP potential is there, it just needs to be utilized.
  9. I would love to see a mechanic - it has been suggested before - that would allow the weaker side to receive reinforcements until the BR is even.
  10. Or just start escorting the traders from your own nations so they can stop complaining about being jumped by pirates all the time....? I've been thinking for a while now that it's amazing how few traders ask (or are willing to pay for) escorts. Yet, they spam nation chat in a panic when they get jumped by pirates.
  11. While I agree that the buff should not be in the 50% range (where is my 50% Pirate Hunter? ), more like 10% max. Doesn't Control work as a good offset? To be clear, I wouldn't mind seeing both Coward and Control go away. As Akd said, I think there are plenty of other perks that take care of "simulating" the irl capabilities of a good officer.
  12. And format it in the appropriate lexicon/form for the times! https://www.thegazette.co.uk/London/issue/5740/page/1
  13. This could only be done if/when the ability to actually land shots below the waterline (without just waiting for the right wave) is implemented.
  14. And the problem with this is......? Don't forget, you're playing an Alpha. You are an unpaid tester; re-balancing is the name of the game.
  15. ^^This. That slight hope of gaining Independence again is what would keep me playing even after being conquered. If it was just a matter of joining the conquerors until reset, I would probably go play PvP2 until the reset happened.
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