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  1. I know this isn't game-related, and I believe few others will care, but I'd like to see a steam trading card/achievement pack.
  2. I'm assuming you're coming from the "I can't see where I'm going" camp, to which I have to reply "oh well". If it's a problem, sail closer to the shore. The fog is fair and accurate. There is no "need" to remove or severely reduce the fog -- as snake said, it adds mystery. This game is about realism; fog greatly limited vision on the seas, and occurs far more often and is far more thick on the sea than on land. I for one support the fog and what it does. It's an accurate immersion factor that doesn't need tweaked to any great extent.
  3. Because they want you to keep playing; the gratification upon ranking/leveling up and obtaining the privileges and advantages that come with it are addictive. The reason why many games do not do this? Don't you mean the reason they do this? Assuming you do, you're right, for games that either have subscription or have some sort of cash shop that provides gameplay benefits. But there's multiple examples (most notably, Path of Exile) that have a cash shop with no gameplay benefits and a grind. Devs have stated on the forums multiple times that if a cash shop is instated, it will have n
  4. Ah, ok. Off to something else, then
  5. Position in queue climbs. I'm sitting at 295 now, and when I entered roughly 5 minutes ago, I was 231. I can understand long log-in time (I walked off and did some necessary business), but not my position rising. This comes after being forced to log out at the end of a victorious battle because my ship disappeared but it would not send me to the report screen. I did F11 that, but can't F11 this.
  6. There are too many toxic players on the waters -- a simple attempt to direct someone spamming Nation chat to Help chat, while still providing the answer, apparently makes a player hold a grudge, troll, and otherwise behave unseemly. But at the same time, there are some very nice ones around that'll help you out as long as you're making an effort -- and a few that'll help you even if you aren't. So don't think we're all like these two shining examples of society
  7. On mobile, the gray Swedish text is hard to read overtop of the similar shade of gray background.
  8. I've got the Kingston hyperx cloud II - solid build but not too painful even on long weekend gaming binges. Very good quality -- only problem is the price tag. I definitely advise getting it on sale.
  9. AttackBoardingActionsSet.xml DefendBoardingActionsSet.xml
  10. Better yet, why not have it so the circle fills with the first shot, and little lines marking when each individual cannon is ready? Some people fire more than two individual rounds
  11. You're not the only one. A possible solution is to put yourself in queue and do stuff while you wait. Because you're such a busy man, I'm sure you can appreciate the time saved by queuing after you get home from work and waiting while you cook, clean, or do something else other responsible adults do.
  12. Meh. I don't see a good compromise on the account number situation. However, as for neutrals: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/8986-got-a-good-laugh-today/#entry166086
  13. Neutrals are (in my opinion) pointless fodder towns. Few if any players join (haven't seen one) and even then all they can do for PvP is fight pirates... However, I wouldn't mind seeing a rework, something like neutral and free towns get combined and uncapturable, neutrals can enter any port and pick up mercenary-style missions where they have to hunt down any pirate(s) or fulfill contracts posted by national players against pirates (a hefty fee should be required for putting up the bounty, to prevent farming). Essentially, as long as they have something to be useful to the rest of the playe
  14. Playing in windowed mode for me does what OP describes (game starts in geometric center), whereas full screen snaps to the primary display. Still, since easy workarounds exist I'd consider this a low priority. Case in point, until the chat UI breaking every so often when alt+tabbing is fixed, I'm likely going to keep running windowed and simply moving the client to the primary. It's a pain when you're suddenly dead to the world simply because you wanted to change the song that's playing while the client has no background music. At least with one of the recent patches your tabs disappear so yo
  15. Thank you for quoting all of the mobile version of the Wikipedia article for me. And thanks for letting me know I can play it in the background too, I had no idea applications wouldn't mute all other audio output.
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