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  1. what all of you do not understand is the mode i'm talking about would increase population in the game by a lot and you don't like it you don't have to play it. It would be basicly a tournament server. One of you said that pirates was impossible to find groups and i never seen that problem with my guilds. Maybe you were just with bad players that no one wanted to group with. you look at other games that have auto ques and group fighting systems like world of tanks. thats been running strong for over 5 years now. this game could be better in my opinion but it needs the d
  2. Potbs is dead from the horirble avcom system. No advertisement by the game manufacture, and a few other reasons.
  3. If any of you used to play pirates of the burning Sea you might remember that game was rather boring for most until you got to max lvl. What i liked about it was you could lvl to max in like 16 hours of playtime at the most. And 6v6 fights in that game were amazing. They required more skill and teamwork then any port battle. My suggestion is a alternative server, so anyone who likes the current system can just stay where they are. This server would give everyone full exp and access to all ships but no modifications. The only way to get modifications for your ships is Pvp So l
  4. I'm on pvp1 eu and a large amount in the game allready have 3rd rates. And in your cutter you won't even damage a 3rd rate. Also you must be doing them pvp mission things? well them i find boring and pointless cause your grouped with randoms and there is no reward.
  5. I don't know what server your on but i'm on pve 3 and right now many have 3rd rates and for any deep water port they are trying to only let only the fully crewed 3rd rates or other big ships do the pb's This would be a sepperate server also so anyone who did not like it could play the normal one. As far as progress i'm thinking they could add tournament systems also. Like 1v1 massive tournament with all the players on the server bracket style 2v2 3v3 and 6v6
  6. Why do mmo's all have a xp grind in the first place is my question? Why not start everyone out even at max tier or lvl? The reason why many games do not do this is so they can make players spend a lot of time trying to lvl and then the players decide to start spending real money on things which they believe would increase their enjoyment of the game. When they buy the things and it doesn't make the game more fun, they buy a different item and it just goes on till they find another game. I purchased this game thinking it would be a pvp game but so far all i have seen is a fleeting pve g
  7. My idea is to put a bounty on the top 5 players each day for kill to death ratio. Then these players names and nations would be shown in game as bounty targets for the day for all opposing nations. A player who made the top 5 earns a bounty reward for every player ship he sinks above a certain rank then any player who sinks him also receives a reward. You would only be able to earn the bounty by sinking players of opposing factions of course. And this reward amount would not need to be huge just a decent bonus i would say. So maybe 80,000 per.
  8. This idea is each day you have a leader board that ranks everyone on each server based by kill/death ratio. Like 2 points per kill and -1 point for when your ship sinks. They refresh daily and the top 5 players have bounty's put on them for the full day. Meaning each time a player of a opposing nation sinks that player they earn gold. In addition this player in the top 5 earns gold each time he kills a player from a enemy faction. And if 2 players in the top 5 fight each other the winner gets a doubled bonus. This would have to be moderated for cheating of course but i think would be si
  9. My suggestion is to make boarding where you have a group of crew and maybe captain against the enemy group for on ship combat. Any way this combat would be done turn based with action points and fast timers to act. each character will be able to move and use a variety of skills maybe shoot pistol even. Something simular to games like xcom maybe.
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