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  1. Hi Adishee, Impressive work! I have played older versions of your mod without problems but when I try to install last version (Submod v1.3 release) the game freezes on starting screen. I made a clean installation of the game (steam version) the copy the files into the zip to "Ultimate General Civil War_Data" folder. Did I miss something? PD: Solved. It didn't freezed. It just took a lot more time to load than vainilla PD: It was only the first time it loaded. Now it loads in the same time as usually
  2. I think there is an easy way to simplify reassignments. Each ship should follow the one ahead of it. That way if you want to move one ship out of the line you just have to select the next one and right click to the one ahead of the ship that went out of the line. In case you want the first one to be out of the line you just select the second one and draw a new path for the remaining line.
  3. Hi all, Thanks Panda and Jonnhy for this great mod. I'm trying to edit some of the values in configfile and AIconfigfile but it doesn't seem to work. As a test, I changed disable skirmishers to true, but when I start a new campaign (Philippi) I'm still able to detach them. I opened configfile with notepad, changed to true and saved. Could you please tell me if I'm missing something?
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