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  1. I think this GPU is fine for UAD, I personally have a GTX1070 and get similar issues with many ships. Maybe the new 3000 series of Nvidia will do a lot better, but I think that it is mostly the lack of optimization that kills the frames.
  2. It is not available through Steam. The actual Steam EA release will likely occur after we have an early version of the campaign.
  3. Fully agree, pc parts are so cheap nowadays. A Ryzen 5 3600 with mobo, 16 GB of RAM will cost around 300 dollars if selected properly. If you need a better GPU you can upgrade that one also at a later time. You could go for the Rtx 1660. Better spend the money there first, the current PC is a write off imo for gaming.
  4. Perhaps it has to do with the amount of space the individual gun barrels required and the complexity of the mechanism. I am just speculating here, as I do not have an answer why dual barreled guns for the smaller calibers where much more prolific. One could argue that the turrets between 3 and 5 inch had limited effectiveness anyway for naval battle purposes. Perhaps it was merely a design choice to limit cost and ammo expenditure by using less complex turrets.
  5. I sadly feel a huge delay coming for the campaign when reading this.
  6. I agree, or better yet: modular hulls.
  7. True, not even mentioning the non-existent torpedo avoidance for formation ships.
  8. I know Nick already replied to you with a wait and see answer, but from my understanding we will likely get turns. So, I guess it will be similar as in Rule the Waves where one turn is 1 month.
  9. I personally would like a true drydock a bit better from an esthetics point of view, though there is something to say for having it togglable. The thing I like about the drydocks is to see the entire hull (below waterline) and the propellers.
  10. There is something to be said for this. Especially as we will not have carriers to hold back further battleship development.
  11. 19" and 20" are likely coming in the next major patch!
  12. Here you go. Quad turrets are coming in the next patch. You and others have heard yourselves.
  13. Excellent stuff devs! Hopefully all the fleet AI changes will make controlling a larger fleet much easier/less hands on. Also, would be great if the formation evasion issues are fixed now. Also great to read that we will get quad turrets. This will ensure that people will stop posting quad turrets threads on the forum on an almost daily base ;). Looking very much forward to more information on the new armor model you guys have planned. Keep going like this and the game will surely get to become the best naval building strategy game.
  14. Wouldn't hold my breath. This game is far too demanding for even somewhat older PCs atm.
  15. Mostly true. Indeed gun tech (as in mark) does impact design a lot. Furthermore your competition also matters. 18" is not always the best choice, but if at a similar tech level, 18" does dominate the most. I do hope that in the main campaign there will be additional concerns that you need to take into account. For instance, too much variation should impact your budget negatively imo. There is a reason why 16" guns were mostly used. One is the treaty restrictions. The second is that after countries abandoned the treaty most ships in the fleet already had 16" guns. Therefore it would be mor
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