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  1. I think that this game will do great without any F2P GaaS model. It might not sell millions of copies, but it would not attract millions of paying users either when F2P. If you look at the other Game-labs titels I think UAD might actually become the most popular out of all of them once released. It seems to attract the most forum posts out of all the titels already and many people watch the content creators on YouTube. I don't think it will be a blockbuster, but the game would not go bust either if released in a playable as promised manner.
  2. Let's wait and see tomorrow. I kind of expect a reply from Game-labs considering the latest developments. Cannot imagine they won't say a thing, but who knows, maybe they are not at liberty to talk anymore about these kind of things. Stillfront will hold a meeting on the 11th of May, so I guess they will also mention something regarding Game-labs during the meeting/presentation.
  3. Please, don't lose hope that quickly! Maybe I am a bit more used to these set-backs and delays as a backer of seemingly never ending alpha projects such as Automation (ongoing since 2012) and Star Citizen (joined since 2016). It is often very disturbing and nerve wrecking to notice the lack of development or implementation of user suggestions by the developers. However, I am pretty sure they are doing their best. Things are sadly often not that easy to implement right and take a lot of time and resources. This project probably took them a lot more time than anticipated. Unless the devs pull th
  4. Tbh, I do not think the situation is (luckily) that bad atm. We got a reply by Nick last Wednesday, barely a couple of days before the Stillfront takeover announcement. I cannot imagine that all the team-lead devs were not briefed/informed earlier. Negotiations have been going on between the Game-labs CEO and Stillfront for months. You do not arrange these multi-million deals overnight. Considering that we still get a good patch, as announced in alpha 12, and that they are still committed to work on the campaign as specified in the OP should mean that the project is not abandoned. Furthermore
  5. At least your comment made me laugh xD. Thanks for that, it is bad enough already. Another thing we that could have happened is that perhaps Game-labs ran out of funds/resources to finish stuff. Perhaps this is an attempt to save some games, we just do not know.
  6. People here aren't really the ones to give everyone much hope either . It almost sounds like we need to start to arrange a funeral. I can't blame you, however I do hope that the developers soon inform us all on how Game-labs sees its own future. Judging from the lack of communication I fear they will leave us hanging without telling anything till the day we get some more info on the future of this project. My biggest fear is actually that this game will get the "fast-treatment" meaning we get some sort of buggy campaign and release it in an awful state. Also, as all shares of Game-labs were bo
  7. https://www.stillfront.com/en/stillfront-group-acquires-game-labs-inc-and-further-strengthens-its-portfolio-of-strategy-and-action-games-and-presents-fy-2021-guidance-for-the-acquisition/ I guess we will have to see how it will play out. Could be much better than we now fear, but also cause a whole lot of issues. The fact that the CEO of Game-Labs remains within the management could be helpful, unless he wanted to cash out of course.
  8. I don't think crappy mobile games qualify as 30+ hardcore male games. So, unless they just try to placate the reader of the press-release (which can always happen), I do not believe they would have bought this studio for making something they have no experience of in making. Also, UAD will not have multiplayer, so I think we are saved from the casuals xD.
  9. I don't think that they will abandon or ruin the game tbh. UAD will very likely be fully supported by the new publisher. I cannot imagine that they would drop the ball on a project that has advanced this much. Not only would that be pure waste of money, but also of potential. I think Stillfront is interested in actually these type of games and the Naval Action genre, otherwise they could have likely decided to buy out another studio (there are plenty). Perhaps they (eventually) want to make a world of warships counterpart which is more hardcore and in depth. Game-labs' experience with both nav
  10. Let's hope the takeover results in more funding for ongoing projects. However, I must admit I am slightly worried judging from the portfolio of Stillfront. It seems that are mostly involved in uninteresting free play mobile games. Perhaps they want to buy more quality for their portfolio and therefore acquired Game-labs. However, to end our worries it would be great if @Nick Thomadis or another developer or company related person could at least inform us whether this will affect any of the ongoing projects.
  11. Had the too many threads error with the following battle: Starting distance: 32 km Austria: 1 BB, 1 CA, 4 DD (1930) Italy: 2BB, 2CA, 2CL, 4DD (1932) Error happened during the battlephase. Fleets were engaging each other from 20 kilometers out. Some secondary batteries started to open up on DDs and my DD squadron was placed under AI command with a screen order.
  12. @Nick Thomadis Thank you very much for listening to the community. I think I speak for a lot of us in saying that we do not mind if things are not happening right away (no sane person should expect that for a dev imo), but it is great to hear that we are at least heard. Just saying that you will have a look at it already makes me feel much more confident that a good balance will be achieved once you start to work on torpedoes with some more focus. I must say that this is not really the case (sadly). I have seen plenty of games where even small and nimble destroyers are just doing their
  13. Indeed, battle tactics as in requiring planning and tactical warfare (organization, formation, roles and positioning), not showing an individual subordinate captain of a ship within a division how to use the steering wheel to not drive into a friendly ship or avoid easy to avoid long spotted torpedoes (micromanagement). If the torpedoes happen to appear all the sudden due to technology (e.g. electrical) or bad weather and thus cannot be avoided by the ship because they couldn't be spotted early enough or the ship is not agile, then I would say it is perfectly fine to get hit by them. Now the s
  14. Very well said Cpt Hissy. You translated my thoughts very well in how I feel a game like this needs to play. This is a strategy game on the grand scale, not your Company of Heroes micromanage hell where you need to steer your tank to face the enemy all the time. We already have plenty of those awful "click and train your reflexes games". A good modern RTS should be able to avoid requiring micromanagement, or it will quickly die off like the dozens that went before it. I rather do 10 meaningful mouse clicks than dozens of micro ones that are just trying to control the situation. This should be
  15. Sorry, but it is a strategy game playing from the perspective as the admiral. IRL the admiral is not supposed to constantly meddle with individual subordinate captains up to the level of baby-sitting them. You give orders on a division level. Individual ships should have some freedom to operate to avoid obvious dangers to the survival of the ship, such as a incoming torpedo. Furthermore, the devs already claimed this was their intension by having torpedo avoidance on this level (which doesn't work at all) and considering the design choices made in this game they show us that. If we follow your
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