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  1. My portrait was replaced. It has a box that says early access. No longer says admiral edition. I have never seen my name in the game while playing.
  2. Prisoner upkeep also in effect. Got to feed them and take care of there needs. Still wish you could force prisoners to join crew . If you needed man power it would be a great option.
  3. British Campaign chapter 3.4 my current progress. The only big guns in my army are mortars. The Navy on the other hand is armed to the teeth with guns of all caliber. Would be great if you could select the following one Navy tech , one Army tech and one random tech. Captured plenty of guns just can't use them because of no research.
  4. Patch version v.0.6.4 rev.33423 Never started a new campaign. Are the new transport crews smaller than before? If so maybe its fine.
  5. When I added marines to the transports max crew dropped from 128 to 20. So something still broken.
  6. Instead of releasing prisoners or ransoming. For money or rep. Can we also have a third option for a prisoner exchange. To give some veterans back in the pool of recruits.
  7. I'm not here to offend anyone. Only want to share knowledge and help others.
  8. I share this same bug since new update. My 1200 weight merchant is not affected. The 390 weight merchant says need crew despite having full crew. My progress is well past the snatch mission. Capture of Savannah
  9. Knowing is half the battle my friend. Have fun learning the game. What you refer to as a division is called a battle line. If you have more ships than the enemy form two battle lines. Keeping the enemy line in the middle. That way you may pound there fleet from both sides at once. Or cross in front of the enemy battle line. This is called crossing the T. Because it looks like the letter T with the enemy forming the lower half of the letter.
  10. Research gave me the option for Dragoon carbine '56. Will it unlock mounted troops in the future?
  11. My solution for high value prisoners is to lock them in the Brig. Prisoners with high value weapons or cannon are sent to the row boats. They are then transported to the nearest ship. Where the enemy won't be able to reach them. Would be nice if you could just retreat them off the map. So they couldn't be freed on maps with no ships. Example: snakes and powder
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