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  1. Will Generals be able to move around battlefield to boost morale ? During large engagements similar to UGCW. What is the minimum number of soldiers a unit can have before deploying skirmishers ? Are skirmishers limited to regulars and marines only ?
  2. Bunker Hill Like When militia marches I can here the tune Yankee Doodle. Correct bunker hill flag replaces betsy ross flag . Cannons sound like thunder in distance. Dislike Supply Wagons never reach Battle. H.M.S. Glasgow and another ship fire on wagons. Wagons stop movement and then are shredded by navy. Too hard to watch supply and fight battle. Because militia are not quite as good so they must be watched carefully. Seeing as there is no standard army at that point in time. Picture you show above has one continuous fortification. My game has gaps in the line which the AI will try to funnel troops through. The gap is in the bottom left of the pic where the artillery is located. Both the fence and the artillery are not there.
  3. Nice Job Thonys! Keep your friends close and your enemies closer !
  4. Maybe add a leader-board to rank our scores while playing battle scenarios. Top score maybe Lord admiral and lower seaman or sailor. Everyone's score at each battle could compete for top spot. So each battle could have its own high score Leader-board. What do you think?
  5. Thanks for the patch everything is fine now.
  6. You're right all those troops would be great additions to the game! So far I really like the Royal Marines uniform. The graphics look great game coming along nicely. Thank you development team.
  7. Will Highlander troops be added to British infantry?
  8. Snakes and powder is the only battle that won't start for me. Stays on loading screen forever and never loads.
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