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  1. Thanks for your information. I guess we could agree that each of those two upgrades may have a % of risk considering the gun wasn't made for that procedure when the gun was first created. Of course, I think of that only in terms of common sense, not, true factual information. Even without using any of those upgrades on our ship sometimes a ship just blows up anyway so for me, why take a risk like that into a sea battle. I rather use other safe upgrades for my ships but each of us play differently and that's fine. It's a small part of the many things that helps to make this game fun.
  2. I have a question? A short gun shot is not affective at long distant as a musket could shoot at a longer distance. My question is if you put double the black powder into a gun shouldn't that be what could exploded the gun not that you put two round balls in it? If for an example you have a musket and you put two round balls into it with a regular load of black powder wouldn't that be as if it were a short gun load which is not accurate at long range however I would think if you put double the black powder into what normally just requires a single black powder load wouldn't that be what gives
  3. I watched a few of my videos and I guess I could say my larger cannon unit does kill more than my smaller cannon unit. Only a DEV could gives us the best details. I have a 7 gun 8LB 140 men and a 6LB 5 gun 100 men and it appears the larger unit gets more kills but I don't know the % per gun. This game is a NOT an exact copy of UGCW so what applies in that game might not apply in this game.
  4. Yes, in UGCW that is mostly true. This is a different game so they may have fixed that or it might not apply to this game for I don't notice anything odd about a small unit to a large unit other than staying power or lasting longer when it gets attacked. A small unit could get destroyed where a larger unit could take some losses and keep on fighting. Maybe a DEV could make a true comment about if it applies to this game?
  5. UGCW is a finished game that has that feature however this game is not finished so as much as I would like to have that feature I would rather have them focus on making sure all the battles in all of the campaigns work correctly even with all the most recent updates so currently I cannot complete Mare Magnum for days now and even at this very moment in time it prevents from enjoying this new battle. What happens is at the moment I decide to pause or pause a few times suddenly the battle won't come back from a pause so basically the game still plays the music and I can even give orders to my sh
  6. I just tried this battle again. F11 too. When we are in a battle, it is RTS and the AI has an advantage over the human player for it runs it's routines automatically so we need to be able to pause so we can give our ships orders. I don't want to pause a lot and I been playing this game often since December so I know a lot about this game and normally don't have this problem so why is this battle freezing? You can see in this picture it is paused so I can assign orders to my ships but I can't get out of pause and when a person is playing RTS we must be able to pause and not worry about the ba
  7. Another point. Barbary War DLC, 1st battle Ransom ok, second battle Pillars of Hercules two crashes to desktop, 3rd try playing it I got through it with a victory but noticed the game did not deploy two of my ships that were assigned to deploy from the two limit deploy slots so I had to fight it with the 1st four that deployed only. 3rd battle Mare Magnum above problem no ability to make a fire ship, and it froze deep into the battle so I don't know how that battle will end but I thought that I would need a fire ship and can't make one. Yes you gave us a couple of 4th rates to do this bat
  8. Battle Mare Magnum, this battle froze and just played the music I could click onto a ship give it orders but nothing happens for it to not to release from a pause. Also have you removed the tech fire module from the Barbary War DLC? I realize I play on hard difficulty but I think you expect too much from us on this battle and you took away the option for me to make a fire ship. In the American campaign in the early battles I might have used one or 2 two of them for I didn't need them later on but in the British campaign I had to use a lot of them but my problem is in Barbary Wars this battle
  9. I just discovered a problem I have not had with this game before this. In Ver 9.24 REV 36119 UAAOS-8133 report On hard difficulty Barbary War DLC 2nd battle, Pillars of Hercules. 1st enemy ship comes out from middle border I capture it, 2nd enemy ship comes out left end of that same border I capture it no problem but when 3rd enemy ship comes out from the same border far right I got suddenly a crash to desktop like as if I wasn't playing the game or like I was getting ready to click onto it to start to play. So I tried it again, this time when the enemy group of ships deploys a few moments
  10. Interesting. The thing I don't like is say all the ships are in a fight of their own so I click onto a ship that I want it to board a ship and what happens all my ships connect up to it so I can't give the ship I selected to board because they are in a line connected also meaning all my ships are now turning out of what I originally wanted them to do so I have to go down to the scroll bar and x out the line of connected ships just so I can go back to my ship and give it the order to board and also have to give each ship the original orders. What ever allows that to happen I wish it could be ch
  11. I F11 but I just want to make sure you are aware that all the things I listed in the Title reappear every time when getting into harbor even when I delete them I play a battle get to harbor and they all come back and I have to look at them again and delete them, they even come back with results from previous battles info too and I then have to look at them again and delete them. If a stage has 3 battles when I always delete all the info stuff do another battle get to harbor all the new info stuff is there fine but last battle stuff is there again and if I do look at them all and delete them I
  12. Thank you, but I do send a report, and it still happens and if you are not careful or should I say if you don't notice the prisoners that vanished and start that battle and finish it then you lose them forever but the main problem is after Valcour there seems to be no selling of any prisoners and I am up to actually 1814, of them and all through Man O War too no selling of them either. I think does (Seleukos) enjoy spending 8K in maintenance cost or I with 1814 cost? No, so is there a way for you to make the selling of prisoners more often like during a turn? Like I said earlier, if you d
  13. Yeah I agree with you and I always wish a DEV would give us some type of answer. I now have 1811 prisoners and if I start a battle but for any reason to restart the battle or go back to the harbor the 1811 prisoners vanish. Like you said we also have to pay a maintenance cost too so please fix it so each time we go to harbor let us sell them without you stealing them from us. I guess if I don't want to pay that cost just load battle quit it and they vanish but in almost every battle you will get some and if the game is not giving us a chance to sell them then that is not the way it should wor
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