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  1. With the recent update when the British send me a letter so I can sell the prisoners that are in my harbor each time they only buy a small percentage of the amount that I have for example 176 of 459 or 440 out of 915 so you can see that they don't buy them all but they all disappear at once when I agree to sell what they are asking for. Bottom line I am getting ripped off each time I sell. Do you think this is a glitch or bug or is this intended to clean out the prisoners from the harbor?
  2. I just tested it and what I just noticed is if you send a captured ship to admiralty and gain REP, no cannons go into shop or armory which has been always the case but if you buy a captured ship with REP, I did, see it's guns went into my armory which then I could apply them to the ship that they came off of which makes it an extra task for me to do so if you are going to switch it back, great.
  3. In UGCW, I always use detached skirmishers for they are of good size but in UAAOS I hardly ever use them due to their small size but thanks for the good info.
  4. If, that is true, I second the dislike. I mean, if I, capture a ship, that has guns, then that trophy should have those guns. I don't mind ships that you buy from the shop don't have guns for that is the way it has always been in this game however suddenly taking away the guns on a captured ship, why? We captured the whole ship, and have to pay a high price on REP to get it, also there maybe a high price to repair that said ship as well as a maintenance cost too so why take that little benefit away from us? P.S. Update, Yeah, I finally bought a trophy and yes what a cheap trick it is to take the guns off the captured ship. There is no way you can convince me that a ship in the shop is equal to a captured ship (Trophy)? If they want to treat it as if they are equal then use the same reasoning of when we capture a land cannon unit, infantry unit or a supply wagon we get a percentage of them such as rifles, cannon guns, prisoners, and in the case of a supply wagon we get the money worth so to me them taking away the guns from the trophy's when we could have them since early backer access of day one when the game came out and now they take them away seems like a bad idea.
  5. Even on 2K resolution when you have a lot of units that happens all the time. I think it would be better to have a full scroll left to right of all units and make sure they don't get blocked out by any other info window or if we click onto a unit on the map, that unit, in the scroll bar should be moved to the center of the scroll bar so we would see it better and have access to it faster.
  6. The main problem I see with Bunker Hill recently is ally units that retreat go forward to enemy lines and ships. I seem to wonder why a unit can't go backwards but instead they go forward right to the shore where the ships blast them into nothing. Many units do that, when they waver they run into the mouth of the enemy. When I make a defensive line you would think most of the time a unit that wavers and wants to retreat you would think they would just drop backwards and be safe but instead they run forward to the ships or to the full line of the enemy and get destroyed. The path the units take for a retreat in this battle is broken in some way. We should mostly have our units retreat to our lines. I mean try to think of a checkers board, each of us start out with half of the board and we face off so what I mean is if the enemy is in front of us, it's makes no sense for a unit to retreat forward. Not all units do it but when 5 or more units do that and I lose the use of around 600 infantry because of that retreat mechanic it makes the battle impossible to win. You have British ships that pound you, cannons that pound you and large British units that are supermen. That would be all fine to me as long as most of my units could retreat backwards. You have no idea what it looks like to see a 200 strong infantry unit retreat forward to the main British fleet and get blown into nothing. Other land battles are so much fun but this one because of the way it is set up the path they take for retreat makes no sense. Great game but for me The Escape is the way to go, no Bunker Hill for me anymore.
  7. Great, have fun. The side battles with ? yes you can gain exp and resources and of course with all kinds of battles.
  8. Well, you bought it already so why not start playing it? Yes, it's early access and mostly it plays pretty good and it's still in development. Now when they in the past updated the game sometimes they fixed something and sometimes they broke something else. I stopped playing the campaigns due to the last patch for I think in the American campaign I do the objectives and the game gives me an unfair defeat which ends the campaign on the first battle for me. In the British campaign on the second battle it gives me an unfair draw even though I did the objectives and so the problem would duplicate for other battles to getting unfair draws which drain your resources so it would end the war. Now in the past I was able to play both campaigns and win them several times and enjoyed them even working through bugs. In the past nearly two months no updates and the last update is what screwed up the campaigns for me so I have no interest in playing them until they fix them. Most of the players really enjoy this game and I do too. You just bought it so freshly install it and it may work flawlessly for you but do expect a few bugs or glitches.
  9. Well, that is great news, thanks, I have to say because I was disappointed about all the sea battles near the end of the British campaign but don't get me wrong I like them but there was no land battle in there so for many turns, my transports with a ton of marines were just sitting in my harbor doing nothing but the upkeep cost was a lot each turn. Had I known that at the time I could have sold all my transports, send the marines to the reserve pool then with all that extra money I could have bought the best guns for all my war ships and max the crews using my marine reserves. So thanks again, I might not have to use that strategy after all. Kudos!
  10. There is also an upkeep cost for the number of troops, trophy's, reserves and captives that you may have in your harbor. For example: If you have an SOL trophy and you keep it in your harbor for a few turns until you can make enough REP to unlock it but each turn you take you will be paying an upkeep cost although true once you unlock it and add it to your fleet you will also be paying an upkeep cost. My point is, if you haver a lot of trophy's in your harbor it is best to do something with them than just leaving them there for their upkeep cost will add up. Even the captives will cost you upkeep until you can get rid of them, when the game gets around to sending you a letter so you can sell then for some money or REP. Some times the game went many turns before giving me the letter to sell them which every turn until I got that letter, there was an upkeep cost. Every penny counts specially in the American campaign.
  11. Just started a new hard American Campaign, 1st battle, I capture 1 enemy ship and sail it to the red safe zone along with my two ships for they are taking too much damage from the remaining enemy so we retreat and at the beginning of the battle the game says we can't win the fight so they show us a red zone. I have green objectives so I should get a win but why did the game give me a defeat and end of war? F11, I am playing version 8.23 REV 35062 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2118128423
  12. One update I still have them then in another update they are gone. Are you working on them or are you removing that feature? I liked being able to sell the prisoners for some money or REP?
  13. V8.11 rev 34838, I got to this battle and once all the ships are fighting it suddenly freezes continues to play music and sound but nothing else in the game works and the only thing I can do to get out of it by ctrl alt del close program. I don't recall the game ever doing this to me. I tried the battle twice I get in it start fighting the ships having fun and then that happens and I can't even send an f11.
  14. In the battle Guns in the Desert for a couple times I played it I noticed you have our ships deploy into battle area that is near the top and right borders and there is also a low shore area there too and as always our ships deploy in a long line. As they deploy the first two or three ships come out and we can get control of them and then we can direct them but it seems the other ships start to tilt to the upper right and the angle is aiming to the top border and of course we don't have control of them from where they start before they come out and what happens is whether you as a player pay attention to that or not, what can happen is for a couple of times happened to me. Two of the ships that came into ocean and went to the top border for it is right there and retreated and the other time I caught them just before they would retreat but they are now trapped between the top and right border and the low shore area which they can't sail over so I had to deploy lifeboats from them there. My last four ships were transports so maybe they have a problem matching the line up to the two war ships that already had deployed? It's not a bug or a glitch so I just have a suggestion that would help in avoiding a deploying problematic area that is near the top right corner that also has that low shore area all you have to do is have our ships deploy into the battle midway down from the right border where the open ocean is and by doing that simple thing there would be no way that problem would ever exist for anybody. I am sure no player would enjoy one or two of their ships retreating out of the battle which for me was 1k of sailors I didn't get to use, or having a couple of their ships stuck between top border, right border and lower shore area. This is a great game and I am not saying anything bad it's just a suggestion for this battle.
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