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  1. Steam or backer build, in the past things like that happened to me too but the game gets updates and we can get past that. EA so eventually the game will get better and better over time. Report with F11. I sometimes reboot my computer then restart the battle and sometimes works but if it's a bug it will take a while to fix or a glitch might be fixed by a replay of the battle or a reboot.
  2. Just keep in mind what difficulty are you playing in and remember for each of us whom play this game that some of us might not do as good as you did so to change anything from what you mean in your topic may throw the balance off in this game for the most of us?
  3. Of all the sea battles in this game only in this battle Groggy Start was lagging in the beginning part of the battle. I know it's EA but this is the only battle I seen this problem. F11.
  4. If you can't damage any large ship with your ships and your ships are the ones getting damaged by the AI then I suggest using an explosive barrels ships to take it out and that will end your immediate problem. I captured the HMS Orpheus, so if you want to capture it make sure you have plenty of sailors nearby from your other ships so you can deploy life boats to feed the ship or two ships that you are using to board the enemy ship. If you don't have good tech like say, boarding kit's level 3 or you don't give good perks to your crew like morale and the crew fighting perk, then I would say be prepared to lose a ton of sailors while boarding. I have all those things and do pretty good most of the time and I also go to canister when I am up close boarding the ship. Even with all this said there will be times when the AI ships can wipe out both your ships if you fail to have a lot of sailors feeding your ship that are boarding. Sometime it takes 2-1 for boarding and sometimes not. It just depends on a few factors of what you have and what the AI has. My POV of the AI 3rd rate ships is that they are way over powered in this game and they have superior marines on them nearly all the time so they must have the best perks and tech. Most of the time my ships can't hurt them but they can hurt me, 10 times more and most of the time it takes nearly 1000 sailors to try and take over one which is at a great cost to do so. Just saying and please be warned that the few ending sea battles in the American campaign are loaded with tons of 3rd rate ships that just blows my mind up! LOL
  5. Well I did. I sent you another F11 that reported how I solved it. Just remember I played 3 times same result defeat now what I did today is different. I think you need to look at this as being out side off the box when it comes to this issue. You suggest, it's because of a game crash. I say by definition a game crash is CTD we all know when you are in game playing and having fun then if something went wrong we get CTD or a frozen game that is unplayable and we may have to CTL ALT DEL in order to get out of the game. I am saying that never happened and I never had to do that so for you to suggest the problem is in a log that shows a crash is false. So I deleted them and guess what? Today, I deleted those false logs. I reboot my system. Keep in mind I shut down my computer each night anyway. Once I am running my computer instead of clicking or double clicking the game icon I right click onto it and ran it as admin, so that way I know the game will only try to load once for I think what the problem with is or maybe is your launcher for it sometimes try's to load twice and as you know two instances of the game will conflict which may make a false game crash event that I don't see in game when I am finally in the game and playing. I also don't think if I double click on game icon and for some reason it didn't load, or says it had a problem so it closed before bringing it up I want to play so I double click it again and the game comes up OK so I get to play it and don't think once in game for it is running I would not think that should be what would make Valcour battle not report that my ships are in red zone. I hope I gave enough info? Simple solution. Today. Step 1. Delete game logs. Step 2. Reboot computer. Step 3. Log into computer. Step 4 Run game as administrator and by doing this windows makes sure the game will only load once. So I got into the game played the battle Valcour for the 4th time but this time everything in that battle worked like a charm and I got a victory. So, I think the problem might be is if your launcher fails to load the first time and we run it again and it works and we are in game why should that matter that the first instance reports a crash? What I am saying is when people are in game and playing it how could a log upset the battle unless your saying if we double click the game icon and it fails to load correctly we should double click it again even though the second time we try to run it, then it works and we can get into the game but I guess you may say if you experience a failed load don't run it again for it can cause problems in some of the battles which if that were true then that needs to be fixed. So if game fails to load does it create a crash log but we want to play so we launch it again so we can play what does that mean and if I do it this way and some how I get 3 defeats in red zone but today I do the 4 steps and I get a victory and it works correctly? I would think there might be a problem with launcher for sometimes you double click it to run and it screws up so you do it again and then the game runs so my point in all this is when I did the 4 steps I have no problems and I got past Valcour today! Kudos for the Game!
  6. I apologize for being mad about it Backer Build V0.6.45 REV .34234 it's called Backer Build / early access or (Xsolla) if you prefer that as the version game. My game did not crash so maybe I should delete those logs I think what happens is sometimes the game logging or loading does not load correctly on 1st click so a double click loads it and sometimes reports another instance so I think that is what reports as a crash that I don't see for only one instance of the game can run. Also, I define a crash in a game as CTD or frozen state or in some instance as not playable so know of that happened in my game. The battle got a defeat, lost war, and forced back to the main menu to continue back into game to the point I have to fight that battle again. And my other question was why lost the war with one wrongly given me a defeat in one battle when I had 60 or so REP? In UGCW when we fought a battle we knew how much REP for a one or draw or lost and if we had a buffer of REP to cover it we could continue our campaign though we would be weaker for not getting that victory! What I am reporting is I started a new campaign got to the major battle Valcour and what I am saying with the most recent update I played it like anybody else would. The first wave of enemy cutters, I fight them capture a few then enemy 2nd wave comes with 6th rates and I fight them might capture 1 and then 3rd enemy wave of 6th rates so I fight them till the timer and phase change which points us to the safe red zone. Now I send all ships to the red zone most get there and for sure mine get there and as always there is one or two allies cutters that the wind pushed them to a crazy spot on the ocean so I have no choice other than to work it out for them to find there way to safe zone (for the battle won't end until all ships are in the zone) but because all those enemy ships can hunt down that one or two cutters and they capture them then the battle ends, in defeat which should not happen for I saved my fleet into that zone. Right now I will delete all those logs. Then I will restart my computer. I will hope that the game will load on 1st instance and if so I will play that battle and if I get past it or another defeat you will not be able to tell me my game crashed for it never did and that can't be is the reason why that battle won't correctly give me a victory when I put all the ships into that red zone each of the 3X I did that battle so figure to time spent doing so. Either way, I will report what happens in a bit!
  7. I just recently played it and had a blast with it.. I set up for it pretty good but the problem I reported above I can't attest too. I must say that battle must last longer in some way? My point is by the time my 3 ships get to the beach area to deploy the lifeboats this time around the battle was over. Now was it because of a wipe of them enemy or I am not sure maybe the time ran out but I never had a chance to deploy?
  8. SO I am up to that battle I have 60 REP in my harbor just to let you know. We can deploy 3, 60 power ships so I have 200 sailors on each of them just to point that out. I fight the battle I capture about 4 enemy cutters and one 6th rate I think. That's 5 enemy ships I captured The allies might capture one or enemy captures one of them. It's a big battle so all these ships all over the place. The phase ends the wind shifts and the red safe zone is shown. I send all ships to the zone so my 3 ships the 5 captured ships and a few allies the other few allies that have very few on their ships can't hardy move with the wind so the enemy ships move faster against the wind and capture or destroy those few and the battles ends in defeat and I lose the war. The red zone must be broken for it apparently doesn't know the names of my 3 ships for that is my fleet that I saved so I should not get a defeat. Don't just tell me this is early access for I got past this battle many times in the past and all of a sudden when the phase ends and we can deploy to the red zone I loss the war. How do I lose a war even if I lost one battle on my own fault? You can take some REP from me but are you telling me 1 lost battle takes more than 60 REP? I played the battle 3 times and this same crap happens each time so when I get back into the game and that battle is still there can I hit next chapter and maybe take a hit in REP but at least I would like to be able to get past this bugged battle?
  9. Thanks for making this great game and explaining about the luck yeah I see my name in it and also many others which I use in my game for I know we all supported you guys and are happy we did so!
  10. Yeah I agree however one of my two computers went down so I can't mention the battle whether it was sea or land when the update download and I replayed the battle and noticed the BR limit as I was playing on the computer that went down I am lucky I have a back up computer to play on. As far as huge amount of infantry don't the AI scale up I mean some of the land battles are getting a lot harder specially if we don't bring a good enough force? I don't remember but those pentagon fortifications are brutal. Of course take what I say with a grain of salt for I am playing on hard difficulty and that may shape my thoughts a little bit.
  11. Correction the last patch add the BR to battles again. BooHoo!
  12. Well I guess your saying that must be a bug then but it was in the Nassua battle it got pushed against the rock wall below the coastal guns which they could not shoot at is due to the angle so that is why it remained a healthy ship and got stuck there due to the wind and then sunk which sucked. I will include you made a nice surprise change in that battle where the 3 enemy ships now attacks us with the support of the coastal guns which before we had to take out the coastal guns before they attacked. I do like the change just wish I knew it before I went into it. LOL
  13. The one thing currently I wish could change in this game is when the current or wind pushes your completely full crew healthy ship onto a shore or side of a rock mast hill that after a little while it sinks. I mean even it a ship landed on the shore it shouldn't sink. Just because it is hard to move a ship against the wind should not be a reason for it to sink?
  14. Nothing to do with the topic but WOW you have 81 REP I always use up most of my REP I mean it cost REP for just about everything in the American campaign!
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