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  1. I am not sure if I can help. Each ship class can mount certain cannon guns in each slot if available meaning if you have enough of them. Certain guns you can't apply to every ship. A 7th rate ship may have a certain gun where a 6th rate ship might need a bigger caliber gun or many more guns. Normally, if you researched or have the tech to have many guns unlocked they should appear for you to select them. You can't mount, unless you have enough of them and the required slot for that type of gun. Buying generic guns to add them to your armory is not the the best way to add guns unless you're try
  2. Well, from what I think about your question? One way or for any reason it seems to me the DEV does allow you to use any rifle you captured or received as a reward within the certain campaign as you go along in it so as long as you have enough of those rifles you can give them to any unit however, as you noted or observed if you capture mortars or artillery, all you can do with them is to hold on to them until you unlock their tech or of course you could always sell them to the shop to make some money. I can tell you a little secret during the backer build early version of this game a long time
  3. I am not sure, however I will give you my point of view. A rifle that already comes with a bayonet or sword you may have access to it which allows you to buy it however, when you pay to research a bayonet or sword it will then give you versions of a lot of rifles that now will have a bayonet or sword. I guess only a DEV could inform you of whether it's a bug or not?
  4. Oh I see. Yeah if you consider there are more sea battles than land battles it makes sense your sailors will gain xp faster than the marines. Plus you can assign career points for faster training level for the officers that will punch up the perks.
  5. Just curious on the Devonshire ship did you intend to lose the 2nd perk on that ship by taken out high stat sailors and replacing them on that ship with new recruits so you ended up losing that 2nd perk on that ship it was no longer active and that ship it now already maxed out at 300 strong but lost that 2nd perk? A tip for land battles it's best if you have great sailors on a bunch of your ships that you don't need for the land battle then you can use those sailors to make very strong marine units. OK I see your willing to lose perks on your ships to make stronger marine units and you pay le
  6. Well you can mostly say that but I was talking about an isolated incident which looked unreasonable I already am aware of the fallback command and it works fine as you noted. The unit involved was clearly hit from distance cannon no enemy was near him when he routed he went forward the whole way up the beach had I had control of him the fallback would work just fine. In this great game you will see at times some things that won't make sense this was just one of them. No problem, thanks for your info.
  7. Your welcome and I hope you can figure it out to in order to get the best out of this great game. Yeah, I have 2k instead of 4k because at the time I bought a monitor they didn't have 4k in the size I wanted it so I bought the 2K. FYI.
  8. Well, I think No. I've been playing this game for about a year and half on two computers. One of them I consider as an HD computer and the other as a 2K computer and each are on very high settings and I don't notice any thing like that in this game. I have all campaigns on you tube as proof of how this game was over the course of time of me playing this game just to show this game to any person out there interested, but it's my RAW playing with comments and personal thoughts. I am not a professional you-tuber but at least I show it as I played it and I would also list, most of the times what v
  9. Yes I think you are right a clicked check into reserve if reserve is empty you are buying veterans of that unit if whenever reserve is unchecked you are buying new recruits.
  10. Think of the reserve pool as something special of only what you put into it and keep in mind that life boats crews from fire ships used in a battle or other situations from those battles the crews may also be put into your special pool which may change the stats within your special reserve pool but if that happens we are talking only of the veterans that were active in that current battle so they were earning xp so if any of them ended up into your reserve pool the affect should be a good thing. Don't confuse the pool that was in UGCW It's not the same here and what I mean is UGCW, if you left
  11. I started Acting Captain battle. When I got to the beach area. I took the 3 transport ships and deployed a total of 6 infantry units, landed them near the edge of the beach where the cove is located so each unit is facing kind of forward objective to our near right and that hidden enemy cannon unit is facing our position. I moved my units forward and at some point the hidden enemy cannon unit hit one of my infantry units and he decided to retreat up forward along the whole length of that long narrow beach shore area all the way to the 2nd objective area so he is trapped and getting pounded by
  12. I might be wrong if you are referring to xsolla and or steam? For steam I can inform you that if you loaded the beta version EA on steam and been playing it presently and in the past as EA steam beta version for example in my steam it still showed it to me as the beta version even though the game is as a released version so I had to go into my steam for this game and disable beta to none so my steam would then properly show UA-AoS in my steam library as the released version because why would I want to keep running beta when it is released so I did not know why it didn't auto switch over to rel
  13. OK guys I think I know where you are coming from and it makes some sense to me. As for fire ships Panda again I will say I agree with you that they do cost money and crew and a slot but it's a trade off for what a person wants to accomplish and how they do it. The best I ever did was sink 8 valuable enemy ships with just two valuable fire ships. Yes, they cost me a lot and I lost 700 deep in enemy territory but the other 700 made it to my other ships in life boats. I did say they are very effective when well placed and sure it can be tough if enemy blasts it before it can strike so there's a c
  14. Well, whatever a DEV put into this wonderful game, it's there for us to use or not. Anybody thinking something is a cheat OP and wants to nerf it or eliminate it from the game seems to me if you don't like something in this game for any reason you can decide to use it or not use it, but please don't take it away from some of us whom may like something such as that. Would you want them to take away the use of fire ships too. One well placed fire ship can sink the best ship in this game. You can chose to use them or not use them. I'll say it again, generally, whatever is in this game we all have
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