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  1. Yep, came here to say the same thing. I noticed when I unlocked the 1778 Brown Bess Sea Service. Suddenly it's available in the shop, where as before it was just what I'd captured. I my confusion came from the British campaign where I had captured enough 38 Sea Service with Sword Bayonets to equip a lot of my crews, never realising that it wasn't available in the shop. Thanks for confirming @doublebuck you are a star!
  2. Is it possible that muskets with bayonets are available though capture, but not in the shop before you research the tech? I'll have to look into it more, but it's very confusing. The cannon tech upgrades are obvious, you unlock the tech, the new guns types appear.
  3. That makes sense, although the wording could be changed to "provides access to improved bayonets", to remove the confusion.
  4. I am able to buy muskets with bayonets even though I haven't researched the bayonet upgrade. Not sure if this is a bug or what the upgrade does has changed but the text hasn't been updated.
  5. When at camp, do people prioritize upgrading equipment (primarily Springfield 1855s) or recruiting veterans to keep experience high?
  6. I rename artillery based on the guns (10lb Rifles, 12lb Smoothbore), it makes it much, much easier to place units where you want them in a battle. Names can be duplicates so no worries there.
  7. How do people arrange their experienced infantry brigades, 1 division per corps, or all grouped together into a single super corps?
  8. I'm also having a problem with skirmishers. Mine fire a volley then retreat out of range a long way, while the AI skirmishers stand and fight. This makes it very hard to use my skirmishers to screen my brigades as they often retreat behind my main line. Do skirmishers need to retreat to reload like they do or should they rely on their dispersed formation to minimize casualties from fire? I'm not sure what they did historically but moving forwards and backwards seems like it would be a nightmare to maintain order. Not sure if it would work, but how about having skirmishers stand th
  9. The new, select multiple units and draw a line helps to avoid overlap, I'd like to see a major penalty to both units when overlapped which would discourage players blobbing. You'd have to work out a way to prevent the AI doing it though.
  10. Played a couple of battles as the Union and so far I love it. The new campaign features are excellent and I love love love the ability to garrison defenses and towns. The vision points makes for an interesting objective points system without the gamey feeling of objective points. For negative feedback, I don't feel the reloading difference between repeating weapons like the sharps carbine and muzzle loading muskets. I'm not sure if this is a bug or the damage is working correctly but the effect isn't being shown on the battlefield. Also movement speed feels too fast at the moment,
  11. I can understand not wanting the flag in some situations, but in a educational or historical context (which this clearly is) that's ridiculous. Of course Apple are within their rights to sell or not sell any product as they wish, but I think this is a mistake on their part.
  12. It's been done to death, but it's a well known and popular battle. One of my favorite things about Ultimate General is that it's been priced low to sell high, as opposed to most things sold by Matrix games, where they use the excuse of niche to change AAA prices, thus ensuring it will only sell with die hard wargamers. My hope it that UG becomes as popular as Total war, which means making a game that's also going to appeal to a wider range of gamers, and that means well known battles, at least to start with. What I would like to see is new, lesser known battles, as DLC, so you could do s
  13. I've been having real issues getting artillery to shoot at a manual target, even when they are the closest enemy and clearly within LOS of the artillery.
  14. 7 days is an excellent idea. It would give you the campaign style, multi-day battle that Gettysburg has.
  15. I'd love to see another ACW battle as it would be easy enough to get out as the battle mechanics and graphics are already there. Maybe a selection of ACW battles as DLC. From there 100 days campaign (waterloo) would be a good choice as you have multi-day battles over a limited geographical area, with lots of room for what if's and campaign choises. 30 years war would be very interesting, or the English Civil war, but with those most of the battles were 1 day affairs so you lose the campaign feeling you get with Gettysburg and would get from Waterloo.
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