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  1. For some time now I have been watching clan KLIN with Cano Macareo. In recent days, I have often seen battles between a Swede and a Russian. Oddly enough, they always took place right in the harbor and the starting point of the weaker party was always on the land. Mostly a 1st rate was involved which I could see from the BR. Today I was able to enter the battle on the Russian side before it closes and see who was in the battle. As you can see on the screenshots, the players [HAN] Ans and [KLIN] u117 were in the battle. These players i have been watching for days working together across the borders of nations, even abusively by reopen closed battles, allow the opponent (Ganker) to enter and disappear immediately. Anyway, today's battle showed that they did not even think about fighting, but did not fire a shot at each other. Instead, even [HAN] Ans fired at me, which was clear green on green. I suggest a painful demotion, because here we have players who have shown up several times in the game and also tribunal with unfair and abusive behavior. They gain unfair advantage ("power leveling") and when caught, they show even more clearly that they shit on the rules (green on green). By the way: please change the RoE because it is extremely frustrating when a player with Alt in another nation can open closed battles and the normal player stand in front of a locked door ... The incident was around 3pm GMT and I made an F11 error message. I also have more screenshots. o7 Gilles
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