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  1. w10 familly i7 5820k oc 3.6ghz Msi Gtx 1080 Ti 11gb Gskill 32 gb 3000mhz Msi X99s Sli plus Samsung 512Go and 256 Go SSD WDC Hdd 1To +1To Samsung 32" 2k 144hz and Acer 4k 28" 60hz
  2. These camps are neutral (in yellow), you can make exchanges there. According to your karma bartering will be more or less advantageous. Personally I leave them, maybe they will become an interesting in the future..
  3. We must make a jump from one village to another to get closer to the desired place. Send men and resources to a village and slightly shift the camera.
  4. Should we also have meat available or any other type of food to help develop the camp?
  5. What is wrong with colonizing further? Are we supposed to take back our land or is it just to delay the inevitable? To set up camp too far is to expose it to patrols and animals. Especially by moving away, from the starting point, the enemy populations are harder. I have 40 agglutinated camps, it's absurd, while I cleaned up many areas. (google translate)
  6. I had a problem with the sound too, I have a system in 7.1 and I didn't have the sounds of ambiance/environment. I found the solution by passing on a configuration in stereo.
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