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  1. w10 familly i7 5820k oc 3.6ghz Msi Gtx 1080 Ti 11gb Gskill 32 gb 3000mhz Msi X99s Sli plus Samsung 512Go and 256 Go SSD WDC Hdd 1To +1To Samsung 32" 2k 144hz and Acer 4k 28" 60hz
  2. In the American culture the main character of the village was the sorcerer (the sachem). The village chief was less important than him He could provide missions and make more alive this (re)conquest ? Karma would find, with this character related to spirits, a new meaning. Camps could face different problems; supply that would require us to fish, hunt and collect herbs. Rivalries/strifes with other tribes to settle in negotiation or by force. Having to kidnap some AIs, that supposes to be able to load the individual on the horse. And depending on the result get a bonus / malus to the development of the colony. ( the effective range of the winchester is ridiculous, shorter than some guns in use. ). With the wheel of the mouse could we scroll the different talents? (spyglass concentration etc) .
  3. These camps are neutral (in yellow), you can make exchanges there. According to your karma bartering will be more or less advantageous. Personally I leave them, maybe they will become an interesting in the future..
  4. We must make a jump from one village to another to get closer to the desired place. Send men and resources to a village and slightly shift the camera.
  5. Should we also have meat available or any other type of food to help develop the camp?
  6. Sydney-fr


    I have also noticed that predators are "hungry", they can chase me (I'm riding, galloping) for miles. A bear is not a runner, wolves are hunters of opportunities. As long as there is a lot of prey.
  7. Sydney-fr

    War party

    Does the AI use bullets/arrows? When they are in the camp and an animal passes nearby, it's party ..., so I imagine during a hunting party. When they attack a camp it is the heroic charge, they point to the middle and planted there start shooting at all costs. I have pain to gather but I don't know if it's really reasonable.
  8. totally agree with you wolfplank. Especially since the balancing is foolish. Lose 60 karma points per kill and earn 120 (memory) for cleaning a fort or patrol. Loss of points whether you are an aggressor or an assaulted. Having a good karma can only help to rally friendly tribes , because the trade with the French trappers is anecdotal .
  9. The management of the nation is a nightmare. The information appears on the screen, remain a few seconds and disappear. Some are useless ,others are important but in combat it is impossible to read them. Could we imagine a window recording informations like a chat. For each improvement of a camp it is necessary to define 3/4 goods and quantities. It's long and impractical. Could we imagine that the game is paused during the management phases? Have a simple touch that commands men to gather what is needed for camp enlargement, such as craft recipes. And lastly more than the slide to define the quantities to collect could we directly type the number. In the camp menu it would be nice to have tabs to navigate more easily. This game is exciting. translated via google
  10. Agree, maybe now, the skill of enemy detection could be devoted to it. With the spyglass we can spot/mark and with the talent of detection the bodies could be highlighted. After a big gunfight and with the current settings of the camera is long to find the corps.
  11. What is wrong with colonizing further? Are we supposed to take back our land or is it just to delay the inevitable? To set up camp too far is to expose it to patrols and animals. Especially by moving away, from the starting point, the enemy populations are harder. I have 40 agglutinated camps, it's absurd, while I cleaned up many areas. (google translate)
  12. I had a problem with the sound too, I have a system in 7.1 and I didn't have the sounds of ambiance/environment. I found the solution by passing on a configuration in stereo.
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