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  1. I have already suggested a favourites for recipes on discord, but it won`t hurt too have another in here.
  2. I looked all over the camp, they were not there.
  3. Yeah they came back the next time I went too the camp. Just thought I`d report it.
  4. I have sent an F11 report on this. Having an issue with a camp. Its in enemy territory. When I relog in or near the camp, there are always enemies spawning into it. I have had this issue before, and it always seems to be with the ones where you talk to the Chief to recruit them. The odd things is this time, after clearing out the enemies, it still says I have 9 warriors in my camp, but it is empty .
  5. Definitely a problem on mine. Can`t settle in Lackwanra!
  6. There is a zone in my game that is the same. There are no places for camps when you click settle within the zone.
  7. Max size is 30, with about 5-6 Teepee`s.
  8. well, yes, but they literally spawn in on the spot.
  9. I talked to a chief, and he joined the cause. As the camp does not get added to the list, I log out, and back in. But when I do the camp spawns enemy NPC`s and the camp is wiped out. This seems to happen to all the ones I have talked to so far. The first few spawned about 4, but this last one spawned 10 enemy NPC`s and I only just escaped with my life. It was in a red zone, so that might be why there were so many.
  10. Sounds like a great idea, but it would also have to come with the risk of alerting nearby camps. They see the plume of smoke and come running.
  11. I think an option where the items are taken automatically from any camp that has the required materials. So you click the upgrade button, and it searches your camps, and when it finds what is needed it is taken. Would save a lot of time and hassle I think.
  12. Its totally fine as it is, but options are good. maybe if they give us the option to choose what style, seeing as a few people have asked for mouse movement.
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