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  1. Then please modify the link on the login window, I usually use it to access to the forum 😉
  2. Yes, will be a good thing to put in the "balance" todo list :-P
  3. As far as I know, it's not available on Steam before autumn release. But yes, I hope that, for those who purchased the early release, we'll get a free steam key when released on steam 😉
  4. You may have to quickly stun 10 or 15 guys, but then want to interrogate some of them. Pales faces can do it, why couldn't our own character do it another way than waiting for those guys to awaken ? 😉
  5. I also sometimes encountered this issue, even in the wilderness 😉
  6. Title says all 😉 Often, when I save my game at an outpost, my horse is gone after the save.
  7. Yes, they have hand guns that are better than any sniper rifle :-P Needs balancing, but we have time for that. I don't mind, my arrows are better than their guns ...
  8. Time to start the war against the pale faces ! :-)
  9. To add a bit of challenge to the end game, I was thinking about having pale face settler groups (like patrols) roaming around and settling new camps. They could even hit a native camp and start to fight for territory. Thus we'd have to patrol a bit more to stop the invasion, and it would need to quickly upgrade and populate the frontline new camps to hold the invasion. Untill now, I feel like all areas I free are definitely won, noone trying to come back. Even the patrols stop roaming whern camps are cleared out.
  10. Another exemple of a land where you can't settle :
  11. During night, they often go into the teepees and sleep, so you see nobody, but they are there 😉
  12. Astrée

    River trading ;-)

    Well ... no I didn't, I believe posting here should be enough, it's just cosmetic, and quite easy to solve later on. There's a lot of others things to do before taking care of that. It' more a problem when there is a camp on the borders that you can't get to, because of the mountains. I did F11 in this case.
  13. Want to buy some fish ? Or need beaver pelts ? Here it is !
  14. ... and there are also lands on the borders with ennemy camps that ... don't exist : hard to take back MY land in this case :-P Sent a report via F11 to the devs. Edit : came back later to check, and the camp was there, 😉 I could finally get my land back
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