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  1. Then please modify the link on the login window, I usually use it to access to the forum 😉
  2. As far as I know, it's not available on Steam before autumn release. But yes, I hope that, for those who purchased the early release, we'll get a free steam key when released on steam 😉
  3. Yes, they have hand guns that are better than any sniper rifle :-P Needs balancing, but we have time for that. I don't mind, my arrows are better than their guns ...
  4. Time to start the war against the pale faces ! :-)
  5. Yes, I also want to be able to order my warriors to "loot that camp ! And bring everything back to your camp" :-) You should put that in the "suggestion/feedback" thread
  6. I wanted to settle a new camp, but I can't reach the place where I want to settle, because the map centers on the settling town when I select it, and the place where I want to settle goes out of my screen. If I try to move the map, it just points the settle point where I click to try to move the map, thus I'm unable to choose the good place. Is there a work around to move the map before choosing a place where to settle ?
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