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  1. So, after the most recent patch I started a new game. I just played for 10-15 minutes, then a list of 20+ enemy expansions showed up on my screen (didn't even fit on it after all). At that moment, I didn't get close to any enemy camp, I didn't kill anyone, I didn't steal anything, I just collected some wood, flax and other materials. Suddenly, the enemies had 25% of the land, while I still had less than 1%, without doing anything. This seems to be a bit to extrem (started on normal after all). You can see a picture of the saved land where you can see the huge amount of enemies land as well as
  2. @Winewolf If an enemy didn't notice you yet, you can press F to grab him, then he starts talking. Then you can press either the left mouse button to kill him, or F again to stab him. If you stabbed him, he will lay on the ground where you can loot him and hold F to intimidate him, which will take some time. But intimidating gives positive karma, so it might be wise to do it.
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