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  1. I have to many patrols on every camp, it's impossible to take the camp out with killing to many. I have really good karma and I have just over 6% of my land. Just to many patrols running from one camp to another. Also they know where I am if I'm close.. It's like I have bad karma but I know I have just killed one guy over probably 100 or more that I intimidated.
  2. When I stun guys and not kill them I see the good % Karma never moves at all. But the Bad Karma in red moves a lot on a kill.. So how do I get good Karma to work or is it broken or something.?
  3. They always see me and when I jump out of a bush in a surprise attack I always loss almost all the time.. When I see other videos of these guys jumping out in a surprise attack they somehow hold the guy. the guy starts talking to save his life and not kill him. How in the hell do they do that . Does nobody know.?
  4. When I sneak up on someone what key do I use to knife or knockout. I see in videos of someone sneaking up then grabs the guy and the guy starts talking. What key do I use to do that ? Thanks for any Help.
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