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  1. It does seem to be on Steam. It's in the Store. It has Discussions setup, etc. I also thought I read it on Discord .
  2. Now that the game is on Steam, what does one have to do to add it to your account without re-purchasing it? Thanks
  3. I have no problem with it. It just seems they expand much faster than I can. Is My Land the entire map or a portion of it?
  4. I truly believe that when a person buys this game, they need to provide a list of Addiction Specialists. My life will never be the same. p.s. can this game be won? If historically correct, I guess the answer is no. Enemies expand SOOOOOOO fast.
  5. I send people out to gather stuff. Just a little later I check and they have quit gathering and I have to send them out again. Over and over and over. The resources I sent them to gather are all over, so it's not that there is nothing to gather. Why? I'm sure the answer is simple, but I haven't figured it out yet.
  6. I save a game often, however I do not see a way to restore/load a specific saved game. Is this ability there or would that be called cheating?
  7. Yes, you are probably right. Sorry for the dumb post.
  8. I creeped up on a camp. There were 4 guys there. I killed 2, then retreated to heal up and re-arm. I then creeped back up on the same camp to finish off the last 2. However, there were 4 , not 2 when I got there. This normal?
  9. Info requested has been sent via email. Thanks
  10. When I first start the game I hear sound. Like the screen where the prisoners are on the boat. After I create my name and go into the game, there is no sound at all. When I press tab and go into Options, I see Graphics and Key Binding, but the Sound option screen is totally blank. I did a repair, which seemed to totally re-install the game. This had no effect on my problem. Anyone have an idea on this? Thanks, P.S.- This is the only thing that I have a sound problem with.
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