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  1. Since last patch, when going into camp screens, and trying to manage thos, I run into a problem where some of the text gets overlayed on top of other things, primarily, where you're list of standing inventory requirements goes, there will be the text that should be under that, as well as the actual camp inventory overlayed on top of it. Usually have to wait a while, or click several times to get it to clear. I don't run a top of the line pc so perhaps my end, but only seems to be occurring as of the last few patches.
  2. If you clear out a camp and send a squad to attack it, they will loot everything they can carry, then just cancel the raid and they run it back to the camp they came from
  3. ^this 1000 times this. Also, potentially a cross camp inventory for stuff like skins, so I don't have to click through 20 different camps trying to see if any of my camps have collected any boar skin yet. Realize with the weapon system in the game for the camps it may not be possible.
  4. So while playing around a bit, I came across a trader camp that one of my hunting parties was attacking, after they killed the traders, I got a notification stating that the area had been liberated. Is this working as intended, or just ai failing to recognize non hostiles?
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