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  1. unity i think..you'll find the answer on their steam page faq
  2. I have had one camp well inside my territory attacked by a patrol. Had a ball hunting them down. I have also lost another camp, but I don't know why. Other than that I think it's same.
  3. Having fun pulling them down roads and picking them off with the scope rifle, walking backwards as i reload.
  4. Love it, can't get enough. I think the game will be huge.
  5. I guess the game isn't for everyone then. But all the best, I hope you can find something you like.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXOFPKxgRBg
  7. The game don't start till the settlers have all the land. Before that is just tutorial/warm up.
  8. I can't stop playing, early game is fun. Looove this game!
  9. I like it, makes the game tense, you're always looking over your shoulder. Even running away/hiding is tense. I don't worry too much about karma, kill the hard ones, stun the easier ones, seems to work out ok.
  10. Just the round bullets give you a ton of arrow heads.
  11. Make some stun arrows then lure them to you, hit g for abilities, wolf call.
  12. I have a few floating around in different camps.
  13. Can get very tense, especially when your sp points are high, or battling to get your stuff back. My revenge list is looong.
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