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  1. Where are the save files? I'm tired of dealing with a bug and hoping a reinstall will fix it, but I'd really like to not lose my saves. If I can backup and restore those saves, it would be great. I'm already sent a few F11 bug reports about my equipped bows disappearing randomly.
  2. I have also found that my enemies love soup also.
  3. Not sure on the personal side because I've been focusing on those same skills, but on the chief side. I think I had to get the third level of hunting for stag horn to show up in the drop down for warriors to gather. I'm pretty sure they are the same skills, just separated into personal and tribe. So you will probably have to get the third one. Right now I'm trying to work on the third plant gathering one so I can get the resources to make that bottle which makes it really hard for animals to sense you. Then I can drop a bunch of meat traps at enemy bases and have the animals actually attack them instead of finding me.. every fricking time.
  4. The traders are a source of unending iron arrowheads if you trade with them. I try to grab all the flintlock pistols when looting and trade them for iron arrowheads. With good karma, I think I was getting around 12 iron arrowheads per pistol in the same trading session. Good use for flintlock pistols since I wouldn't want my warriors to use them. I'd grab the flintlock rifles for trading too, but I need to put some skill points into my carry weight first to do that.
  5. Make sure you talk with the trader too. Usually they have a guard too who you can talk to with the exact same converation, but they don't have any trade inventory.
  6. I've run into this issue sometimes. I've been able to work around it by daisy-chaining them further with more wolf calls. But I have found some variances between behavior. Some refuse to check out the noise. I've actually had a few head off about 30-45 degrees off a straight line to me while checking. And after those, I had people walk right to me too. Hopefully this is a purposefully reaction variety based on type of NPC (camp workers, guards, patrol, etc) and alert level. Having this type of variety can help keep clearing out a camp from becoming a slog of rinse and repeating the exact same strategy.
  7. Use the "Puffball Pulpy Mash" so that animals can't detect you.
  8. I feel it's important for a game like this to try to get out information about it regardless of not all the features, etc being set in stone. There is a reason that I made a post about this instead of using the discord access I was given with the founder's pack. Now, I can completely understand mistaking me for one of those unreasonable asses that you find on game forums... I did express my frustration in a decidedly ranting fashion. But I think it's still important to be out there in text format so I'll try to answer my own questions for anyone reading this post later. I did read some comments on by people that have been playing this for a while that recent builds seem to start with more enemies around them than in past builds. I'm sure this is something that will ebb back and forth as game is developed. My frustration came from not being very good, being new to the mechanics, etc. The squad walking in and killing my village on the first day only happened once and it was just bad rng. Sometimes that is just what's going to happen when you have different starting points. That's also what adds a lot to replayability. Secondly, I was watching a Let's Play and there is a toggle planned for the tutorial. Honestly, it's less of an issue now that I am now not restarting often. In my current game, I have 12 villages and a bunch of warriors. Basically, I became Red Genghis and tried to slaughter everyone close to me while expanding to spread out and get more vision. I admit that I pretty much did everything myself at the beginning and didn't even send out people to gather until I had cleared the enemy towns from their area. With most of the area clear, I reset my karma using the chief skill and try to only intimidate. The positive karma is helping me start to actually get warriors to join me and filling up those villages.
  9. Normal difficulty start. On day 1, a four man squad walks directly into my village and kills everyone. Not on a road. I was out getting wood for a few more arrows. I was able to kill three of them after they slaughtered all of my weaponless day 1 warriors, but ran out of arrows since I only had wooden arrows and I'm am not very skilled yet. Please tell me this will be patched soon. Also, please make the tutorial toggle-able. soon. very soon. for the love of god, soon... Right now, I'm having to restart games hoping for a village that won't be walked in on by enemy squads. And it's a sputtering stream of profanity towards the game as I keep having the tutorial pop up at very inconvenient times... such as taking that first arrow shot and then losing my aim because I have to click closed a box while I'm trying to down someone before they empty a shotgun in my face. At this point it feels like the person was suffering flashbacks of chinese water torture when working on the tutorial. Alright...complaints aside, I am enjoying myself overall. Obviously the issues above took a little while to get to this point of frustration. I think you have a solid concept here and am looking forward to seeing how you flesh this out.
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