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  1. Per usual, crouching down at an outpost dropping weapons, etc off to my villages. Use a "c" in the search box (deco) to quickly get some more health meds and my guy uncrouches. Long story short, I get noticed and shot. After clearing the enemies, I tested this out a few times and verified the issue. Not a huge issue, just making sure that it gets on a list somewhere.
  2. Yeah, Tab always centering on player would be an easy fix to that situation. Easy to double-tap tab to recenter on yourself.
  3. Yes. I've recalled patrols to quickly populate a new village on the front lines that I would mass upgrade to max. (Man, that global item search was just a great added feature - removed so much of the pain of upgrading villages.) It might be a little messy if you do it at night... maybe? Because warriors leave in the morning if overpopulated and no meat to sustain the overpopulation. Basically you can be over population as much as needed for a short time as long as you don't cross that morning trigger causing the extra warriors to leave. I'm not optimized this playthrough, but I think I've figured it out pretty well for the future. I actually used some of my SP to max out the chief skill that gives you extra warriors so every time I free a territory, I get 7 warriors or so to my main village. I dump looted guns and ammo on that village making it easy to form lots of armed patrols with a variety of weapons. In the future, I will make sure to drop other loot at a different village to minimize the lag when I form patrols from the main village. Sometimes other villages will get overpopulated due to people released from prison or me releasing them personally. I just always send them to my main village. When my main village gets around 30, I make a new 20-person patrol to drop the pop back down. 10 plus the hunters out is enough to run that village fine since it isn't on the front lines and not on a road. This pop control method seems to work really well for me. Helps me not lose all those extra warriors while keeping a small village count. I have had to deal with enemy patrols a bit. My main village territory's south end is plains so my hunters would be down there constantly for buffalo items to upgrade bases. It was frustrating because the attack function only let's you attack locations and the closest location was too far away. I tried that several times, but even long range weapons didn't have enough distance to start a fight. To solve that, I eventually just built a defensive village on the road coming up to my territory. Worked great. Most of my patrols go between the same two bases. Very safe route. I did have a few other routes early in the game. One actually attacked a fort. Luckily, I saw the attacking icon and wasn't too far away so I ran up to help them. To be honest, I probably won't use patrols for actual defense or the attack function for anything besides looting until endgame. To greedy for the SP right now.
  4. Alright, it's become a bigger hassle/issue. I'm in enemy territory trying to gather as many multishot rifles and shotguns that I can get off patrols and camps. The main purpose of this is population control. With 429 people and only 11 camps, I have over a third of my people in patrols. All of my bows go to villages for defense and/or hunting, etc. So I used multishot rifles and shotguns (sometimes some revolvers too) to fill out the weapon needs of patrols. Basically, I will be in action, fighting... looting.. running away. I'll run up to a outpost and drop the weapons and ammo off to my main base and then go right back into action. Sometimes it gets a little hairy and having to readjust the map because I clicked on my main village. I've got patrols around me and it gets frustrating when I want to jump back in action. Feels like: "Hey, I see you are having fun. First let's re-tie your shoes before you go back out there. Bunny comes out of the hole and around the tree..." Dropping stuff off when the enemy is in sight is fun. Being seen and shot at by that horse patrol that changed directions because you had to use game time to readjust halfway across the map to look at the patrols isn't fun. I've even stopped looting enemy bases except to check for blueprints. If it wasn't for feeling a need to make sure those patrols have weapons, I would have stopped looting the weapons too.
  5. Yeah, it is op against small groups especially when you are well hidden. But as soon as the numbers of enemies rise up or you miss a head shot (alerting the enemy to your whereabouts), it can become very ugly for you very quickly. And more enemies means more people waking up the people you have stunned. And the longer the battle, the more people that will wake up naturally. I've had some fierce battles that went to long and even with max intimidate skill, I'll still have some of them start waking up. Sometimes they will get a shot in on me. I've gotten pretty skilled using stun arrows and honestly, that's pretty much all I use. I have 4 camps working on making 200 each so I can carry around 150 to 200 on my person normally. Well.. "skilled"... it's more that I have good production so I can use lots of the stun arrows and not worry about running out. But even on the edge of enemy territory, I've been caught not paying attention and had a patrol roll up and had to run. So far, I've been pretty lucky being able to draw that patrol away from the outpost and whittle it down. I've had to retreat quite a few times. But I know I'm near the limit for stun arrows for this playthrough. Starting to limit and eat into the enemy territory where I'm getting 3 to 5 patrols around. It makes it fun as I have to try to take out a few patrols first. Honestly, I think eventually I'll have to switch to what I think may be a more powerful method of using toxic arrows to support warriors attacking. Putting enemies to sleep while your warriors are attacking them sounds like it's going to be a winner.... Well at least it feels like it might be a powerful "karma-neutral" method.
  6. I've watched stunned enemies get kicked awake from a long, long distance. That kind of waking kick should be within a few feet, but I've witnessed some enemies have very, very, very long legs. Earlier today, I measured out one such kick (I watched who was kicking and who woke up) at over 30 feet guesstimated by my "detect enemy" skill and my map marker on the center of the camp showing the distance to the camp. Just a heads up about the unrealistic behavior.
  7. This is the second time that I've died upgrading a small village that I mass upgraded because a damn fire spawned under me while I was focused on upgrading this village and moving people around so I could get a good 20 people or so in that village ASAP to make sure I didn't lose those upgrades to an enemy patrol since it was on the front lines... I didn't lose any of my inventory since I died on a fire in my own village.... but I did lose a chuck of SP and of course time since it saves and saving is punished by moving the clock forward.
  8. SlightlyOff

    Vanishing Bow

    Not sure... I just played several hours and my bow didn't disappear once so I'm hoping the most recent patch addressed that. I'll be able to verify that tomorrow... need to sleep a bit before I play more.
  9. Have you traveled to the local area? My warriors showed as stuck until I traveled to the nearest "correct" side of the mountains and suddenly they were on the low ground and moved normally after that. I've only dealt with it once with two northernmost territories... so hopefully something like that might work for you.. or I just got lucky.
  10. While the map jump to the village you select can be useful, please change it to a double-click or some other mechanic. I'm tired of being on the front lines, crouching next to a campfire in enemy territory, doing some village maintenance or grabbing supplies, and then having to readjust the map (sometimes quite a distance) to where I'm currently taking the battle to the enemy is frustrating. It's not a huge issue, but it ruins the game flow. If I want to just crouch down in a bush and quickly move warriors away from an overcrowded camp, it's quick and easy.... but then I have to readjust my map to get back to battle. Again, it's not a huge issue, but it affects game flow which can be frustrating. edit: grammer
  11. After grabbing a sleeping enemy (happened from bedroll and real bed) and then knocking them out... they immediately get back up and I have to grab them again. They tend to stay knocked out the second time. It's not a huge issue, but it was a hell of a surprise when I was trying to grab and immediately knock out several people sleeping in bedrolls next to each other. It just happened again from a real bed. Just wanted to put it down on a list somewhere if it isn't already.
  12. SlightlyOff

    Vanishing Bow

    dropping your bow and picking it up does NOT work for me.
  13. It is an option for attacking and patrols. It seems like it's just not an option for warriors that you tell to move to another camp. I've had some stuck people up north as the two northernmost territories were only accessible via "skyrim horse backing up over mountains" method. And those warriors were stuck trying to move from the two outposts I brought into the fold from up there. However, they did become unstuck when I traveled up there.
  14. Where are the save files? I'm tired of dealing with a bug and hoping a reinstall will fix it, but I'd really like to not lose my saves. If I can backup and restore those saves, it would be great. I'm already sent a few F11 bug reports about my equipped bows disappearing randomly.
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