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  1. All who bought the game already will be able to redeem a steam key to install it via steam with the Autumn release as stated when you bought the game via their website.
  2. Ah! I didn't think to look there as yet..... Thank you mate! I hope it is Unity, cause that means I'll have won my bet with my mates and it'll mean free beers Saturday night for me!! Woohoo!
  3. Just out of curiosity, as I'm in a debate with some of my friends, as to what Game SDK is being used for developing this game? Unity UE4 Bespoke I personally have said to my mates that I think it is the Unity Game SDK being used? Hoping the Dev's can let us know so that we can have the absolute correct answer to this debate I'm having with my mates. Lol.
  4. With the greatest of respect, Shadow XX, to reach the largest audience in the world, any internationally aimed promotional video needs to be made in the international language, which is the English language, otherwise your greatly restricting it's effectiveness from the start. No disrespect to Germans or their language intended by this post but it's just the way things are, like it or loath it as you wish. :)
  5. I'm nearly 500 days in and I'm pretty sure I've seen a big jump in the settlers using much more heavy damage weapons now than they used to at the start of the game.... Makes it much tougher in a good way, more of a battle. But I think a lot depends on how you play it with the KARMA? The annoying thing is those pesky handgun six shooters that do high damage each bullet and can seemingly pinpoint accurately hit you from over 80+ meters away! That is totally unrealistic for a handgun of that era never mind today, but I'm sure the devs will balance these issues out sooner rather than late
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