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  1. Agree will all said above...... The UI is SO slow to react too in my experience.... Needs a good sorting.
  2. All who bought the game already will be able to redeem a steam key to install it via steam with the Autumn release as stated when you bought the game via their website.
  3. Hmm.... Are you talking about circumstances when you have stunned an enemy via a thrown rock? If so, then wouldn't it be better to grab and interrogate your enemy instead of throwing a rock to stun them instead? You wouldn't want to make the game too easy now, would you?
  4. I experienced this for the first time for me last night..... It happened in a fort building when I knocked out a cavalry officer, he stayed down for about 1 second and then started to get up again, I had to knock him out again. It was a dicey-situation cause at the time I'd just been found by other soldiers and was in a bit of a panic. Lol!
  5. Ah! I didn't think to look there as yet..... Thank you mate! I hope it is Unity, cause that means I'll have won my bet with my mates and it'll mean free beers Saturday night for me!! Woohoo!
  6. Thank you mate..... I will give your suggestion a try and see what happens..... I'll let you know.
  7. Just out of curiosity, as I'm in a debate with some of my friends, as to what Game SDK is being used for developing this game? Unity UE4 Bespoke I personally have said to my mates that I think it is the Unity Game SDK being used? Hoping the Dev's can let us know so that we can have the absolute correct answer to this debate I'm having with my mates. Lol.
  8. Hmmm.... An interesting direction to choose for the game mechanics.... I personally would've liked to have seen a more realistic solution, but simulation is my thing and not everyones "Cup Of Tea", as they say. Lol.
  9. Yes this has happened to me quite often too. I reported it via the F11 function key at the time...... I noticed the devs have temporarily suspended any quick travel while mounted on the horse. I wonder if this is related to this issue being worked on?
  10. I've reported via the F11(bug report utility) about an invisible horse that I called using the Hay Bait. Wonder if it's something to do with the same sort of issue the devs need to fix? I found it quit funny when it happened, cause all the sounds where there of the horse eating the bait and everything, just that the actual horse model wasn't being rendered at all. Lol! PS: I restarted the game and it hasn't happened since.
  11. Has anyone found a temporary workaround for getting stuck warriors back into play? I currently have 8 warriors that I sent to another camp stuck in the mountains that I cannot get back into play. Would be good if someone knew of a way to get them back into play while the devs sort this issue out for us. Thanks.
  12. With the greatest of respect, Shadow XX, to reach the largest audience in the world, any internationally aimed promotional video needs to be made in the international language, which is the English language, otherwise your greatly restricting it's effectiveness from the start. No disrespect to Germans or their language intended by this post but it's just the way things are, like it or loath it as you wish. :)
  13. Nice idea, but I'm not sure it would recover stuck warriors? Worth a try though!
  14. I don't know if it's the same issue your having there, but I've noticed that on a few settlers there is no option to loot after killing them? I just thought it was simply that they were not carrying anything to loot? Is this possible?
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