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  1. Just a suggestion. Not sure if it's a good idea or whether the Karma works like it currently does for a very good reason, but to me personally you shouldn't get "negative" karma for killing someone who is trying to attack or kill you? This would encourage a more stealthy approach to the game where possible rather than just going hell for leather killing everyone? It's just that many times you have to kill to survive and then gyou get unjustly penalized with negative karma points for something that has to be done..... I just think that if you only get negative karma when you kill a settler who is not in attack mode it would be more realistic and better for planning strategy approaches to the game? Maybe give higher bad karma awards for killing a settler when you didn't have to? But also for something very bad to happen if your karma levels get above a certain level too would be good? Worth a debate to see the pros and cons of this suggestion I think.
  2. Yeah, I've noticed the same issue with settlers too. I think the rocky areas & heavily mountainous regions are going to be a big headache for the devs with this issue.
  3. Lol! :))) I presume you let the devs know via the F11 Bug-Tool?
  4. I'm nearly 500 days in and I'm pretty sure I've seen a big jump in the settlers using much more heavy damage weapons now than they used to at the start of the game.... Makes it much tougher in a good way, more of a battle. But I think a lot depends on how you play it with the KARMA? The annoying thing is those pesky handgun six shooters that do high damage each bullet and can seemingly pinpoint accurately hit you from over 80+ meters away! That is totally unrealistic for a handgun of that era never mind today, but I'm sure the devs will balance these issues out sooner rather than later I suspect?
  5. Would be good to have the arrows used to kill either prey or settler as part of the loot find container and also apply a type of loot container for when you skin and meat an animal too. This way it will at least allow you to decide what you pick-up at any time.
  6. I think Austin must be referring to the "Sprint" key? If so then you have to press the "Shift" key to sprint.
  7. Are you sure? When I press the settle button, it brings up many options I can choose from besides old camps. I've been told that if I settle on an old settlers camp or fort that it replaces that camp with your tribe camp, though I haven't visited one that I've done this with yet so I couldn't tell you for sure. :)
  8. Good point mate... I've not actually experienced using the stun-arrows yet but have seen them in operation in player videos, and they are what I'd call a typical arcade type feature that really shouldn't be in a game like this? Or at the very least dumbed down so as to not make it so easy.
  9. All I'd add to these remarks would be that all development keep in line with the characters and era being portrayed and not for it to go down the typical arcade game features route, ie: If skills are to be included then it should be relevant skills needed to be learned. I think the skills tree we have right now are more or less keeping in the right direction. But the theme of the game speaks for itself and is well capable of standing up on it's own without introducing game gimmicks just cause they are considered the thing to have in games nowadays.... Keep it true to itself and true to the era and characters being portrayed and this game will speak for itself for sure!
  10. Good to hear from the devs that sound settings will be added at some stage.
  11. I think it would be great to be able to set fire to settler buildings, forts, camps, etc, to destroy their invasion of our land and so eventually(over a period of time) return the landscape to it's original beauty..... Would be great to see the smoke rising in the distance knowing that one more settler establishment was wiped-out.
  12. Yes. I've too noticed that the inventory and map function get very sluggish either when there is a lot of activity going on with the map view or as you say when the inventory gets large.
  13. Personally I'd like any missions/quests to be kept as realistic and within character of the Native Indians and their real-life cause as possible for the time period involved.
  14. I agree. I have posted a suggestion for the devs to outline fonts and markers with a black outline to bring out the definition and contrast of fonts and aim-markers; that would or should sort the issue out if they do it. But the almost single pixel dot aim-marker(center-screen) is I think something that should be replaced with something that is still discreet but just more discernible.
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