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  1. I really like the Idea of this game it still needs a lot of work but I'm sure that will happen. The karma system should be removed just keep the more SP for intimidating them and less for killing them. The land that the settlers grab should be cut to 1/8 of what it is or have a easy mode that has that in it so people can get there feet wet before jumping into the deep end of the pool. I know the Devs are looking at the sniper shot guns so that should get fixed. There should be a option to save without resting because every time I save/rest the settlers grab more land and with the crashes the g
  2. I do think they are looking at the sniper shotgun to tune them and I do agree with if your camp is being attacked you should not get bad karma you do have to defend it. hope they look at that
  3. I agree with most of what you have said. but I would like to see a save option at the camp fire that would let you save without resting. it would help because if you rest other side gets more land every time. love this game and yes I agree it is not a pray and spray you have to be sneaking and some times you will have to kill a few key word FEW lol have a great day.
  4. I've been doing that and it has been a little better, still do not like the sniper shotgun that hit you from over 100m out lol
  5. Thank you Dragonsblade and Ink. I was having some issues with my saved game so I'll see if the patch help and if not I'll restart. Thank you both again and have a great day
  6. Hi after a patch should I restart a game or will the patch apply to my saved game ? p.s. great game
  7. I was just out trying to take down a camp and I had full good karma and 60 stun arrows wolf called out 2 maybe three guy knocked them out then had them run off on the next guy called him out know one else could see me or should not have seen me knocked him out he didn't say a word and I still had the rest of the camp on me and followed me for 450m or more killed me now if I go back I have to refight the 6 to 8 guy I knocked out with stun arrow on my way out trying to get away if I have just killed them I would not have to refight them. but I would get bad karma. when they kill you they get str
  8. glad to hear you will be tuning enemy expansion. it is hard to build up your camps to fight back and do it without killing anyone keep up the great job
  9. I love this game have to say hate this karma system. well maybe not hate but dislike a lot. maybe make it a reward for not killing them like more SP and less SP if you kill them. I mean we are here to take back our land and fight a war. hard to do if you can't kill them sometime. I try not to but sometime you have to anyway do like this game a lot yall are doing a great job (was just out and my karma is so bad I can't sneak in to a camp to get some no kills to help karma or to get SP to clear karma sent 7 warriors to help they just got wiped out not sure what to do may wait for next update doe
  10. Oh ok cool thank you for the info sweet
  11. hi I have not seen on the forums if you loose the ancestor bow on death I ask because I just started and would hate to loose it right off I did get the founded pack and so far love the game great job thank you Skyoak
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