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  1. Undeniably so. But... Seen first hand what a nation cowered into a corner, totally dependent on PvE/Safe Zone trade and relying major of PvP offered by the Reinforcement Zone is. Basically it is a non-existent nation in the map. Maybe not directly connected to quality of life, but it seems to me that those players do not wish to engage in combat, conquest or anything that places them in the line of fire. No wonder they get besieged and the less they have to fight for what they want/need the less willingness to play a combat game they have. ... NA is one of the best games. Requires method, planning and learning process. Can only become better with time. I feel many are simply wanting a fast access to everything. Sea lanes are empty. Maybe a full assets wipe would help shape the world after the update ( not ranks ).
  2. Oh... won't there be a fresh start again when the game ends early access anymore !?
  3. Question: will these be by Nation packages ? Asking because I have no interest to pay for half of the flags and I rather purchase only the nations I am interested in. Allow me a comment - Please, retain credibility. A region or nation without a proper naval ensign wouldn't fit in. It is like having Nova Scotia flag, just because it would be nice, when in truth the privateer vessels hailing from there all used the union corner red field royal navy flag.
  4. It is good that any person has a choice of what environment to play in. The Tolstoy reference seems quite appropriate.
  5. Had the pleasure of crossing one of your crew today. Only praise to say about the entire affair. Good seamanship and well mannered.
  6. Sure i am confused on what merchantmen want, from reading all the posts but allow me two words: - the most profitable activity in the age of sail was trading. nations went to war for "rights" of controlling trade of certain resources. - trade would support the navy, by taxation and lobby'ism ( india companies ), which in turn would protect trade and conquer new trade What I could so far experience in game is there is little need to trade as combat alone, not prizes but sinking enemy navy and even their merchant ships, can enrich any captain purse. Trade becomes the lesser option, instead of being the driving financial force behind the need and ability to field a strong naval contingent - be it station fleets or detached frigate command. Resources to build said ships are also detached from both worlds and it becomes a world apart. Its foundation has nothing to do with trade although it seems that way because the resources must be ferried by use of trader models. In essence there's no game design mechanics that tie the proceedings from successful national trade to the ability of establishing a strong navy.
  7. lucky you. First time it happened to me i thought devs would be "controlling" the AI. But then i did have some encounters with similar AI behavior. Is rare but happens.
  8. It happens now and then. Some smart AI does mimic what players also do - last second changes.
  9. If the join battle timer is 3 minutes: - exit battle, join another battle timer would be 3 minutes - exit port, join battle timer would be 3 minutes - login, join timer would be 3 minutes This would solve it all.
  10. Question: - Does the national flag above the Port ( in port screen, and fast travel mode ) waves according to wind direction ?
  11. Angus MacDuff, were the two missions of the same type ? I noticed if the Missions are of the same type - for example Hunt - the credits are shared. If a Hunt and a S&D, maybe they do not ? Hope some testers looked into this.
  12. I have this beautiful ship and use her on testbed, not so much in caribbean, but have to note 2 things: - she picks up too much wind too fast close haul - at 45º she goes from 0kn to 8kn in a few seconds. - I am testing a Sabicu, Crew Space. She can deflect the majority of shots with low incidence angle. Comparison with same thickness, similar HP, Surprise. Surprise will not deflect most of the shot. Tested being shot by 3 5th rates with gun decks armed with 18pdr, 12pdr and 9pdr/6pdr.
  13. On the left hand page of the logbook the information is recorded in columns. Column 1 gives the day name column 2 the number day, the wind directions during the day is written column 3, the course column 4, the distance in nautical miles sailed in that day column 5, columns 6 and 7 gives the latitude and longitude after correction and adjustment column 8 the bearings to the last visible mark The information recorded on that page describes the vessel’s position at noon, although the wind column often recorded all of the observed wind directions for the previous 24 h. On the right hand page; wind strength and general weather information such a rain, snow, fog, thunder etc. as well as any other remarkable incidents were recorded. __________________________________________________________________________ source DESCRIPTION AND GENERAL BACKGROUND TO SHIPS’ LOGBOOKS AS A SOURCE OF CLIMATIC DATA R. GARCIA-HERRERA, C. WILKINSON, F. B. KOEK, M. R. PRIETO, N. CALVO and E. HERNANDEZ https://www.researchgate.net/publication/225521790_Description_and_General_Background_to_Ships'_Logbooks_as_a_Source_of_Climatic_Data
  14. Imagine sitting in the captain's cabin, while travelling, and consulting the log books and other documentation about the outposts. Can consult what ships are at what outpost, what buildings, and any other information we can see as useful. Of course not information in real time, this is age of sail.
  15. Realism must be compromised in a game but I would suggest something to be, maybe put to test. My suggestion is that when my ship, or the enemy's, is shot and takes on water, to have increased heel on the offended side. Would be possible to improve this effect ? I am sure it does not happen. For the sake of me being mistaken - and in truth the vessels not being compartmentalised like later age of steel architectures - I also appreciate other players opinions on this subject.
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