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(Naval Action fiction) Diary of Cdr. Joseph Barss

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1799, September 1

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Cdr. Joseph Barss



September 1st, 1799, London

The meeting with the gentleman Kenelm Growden  was more profitable than anticipated and most certainly all praise must be given for the choice of the Garraway's for our accord meeting.

Investment is solid, and with our patrons' supporting the enterprise Mr. Growden would indeed make himself look unreliable henceforth would he cancel the arrangements.

On a sad note I will not be able to see her before we arrive; via Halifax, as she already departed the day before yesterday and my delay was unavoidable.

The battle on Egypt is still the height in the naval circles. My release from duty request still under consideration by the Board and I have no idea what to expect although, and with much thought, I wouldn't consider the 'loss' of a Master and Commander a grave issue. I hope for the best.

Cannot leave London until a decision is made. I am sure Maurice will see things through and make everything ready for when and if I arrive.

At the very least I have a second request to be submitted and requesting a transfer of post to Halifax.


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