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  1. im talking about when the ports were first taken, there was no thread on the forum about Caracas
  2. Agreed totally i just replying to aquilla’s comment where he seems to not join nations who have alliances(?) so was just clarifying he basically cant play the game if he lives on that principle
  3. There are no nations left in the game without alliances you just have to pick your poison if you are totally against being in a nation that has alliances
  4. Yeah i'm down for whatever will keep the map fluid and not stale
  5. yeah ignore the reset part for this thread, i just already made a post and though may as well link it here rather than re type
  6. This was a solution I came up with to incorporate Bonus's and have no grind I think would be an interesting way to spice up the RvR Go to reply for info on this not the main post
  7. they didn't qq all over forums, they did it like normal people and tried working out a peace after a couple attempts to retake caracas
  8. If its so easy for people to jump nation and setup again. Why is it such an issue for those staying in same nation to build up another shipyard considering GB still has 2 safe crafting ports(PaP and SdC). Not meaning this as a diss to GB just want to point out that the players in TOXIC who have jumped around nations have done so at great cost. For a Brit example maybe speak to NOTO and ask how much they spent on shipyards etc when moving nations. If you want to swap nations and be actually sustainable there it isn’t as easy as you are making it out to be. Not saying people should jump-jum
  9. Hi, sorry for late response most people only check if it is in the Caribbean guild section since here there can be PvE players too VANGD in France is an active and growing english speaking community, we do PvP and RvR. Currently we have a lot of people levelling too so there is people to level up with. if you are interested in joining add me on discord: Stalin#3122
  10. VANGD in France is an active and growing english speaking community, we do PvP and RvR. Currently we have a lot of people levelling too so there is people to level up with. if you are interested in joining add me on discord: Stalin#3122
  11. Its the top 3 most crafted woods for each ship, very few people are rich enough to spam loads of ships made from the new woods
  12. Yeah that can work, just nothing too big so that those who miss out the seasons aren't at a HUGE disadvantage. I think you are right about the community atm not being ready for an idea like this, and the first reset would be the worst for players but after that I think people would enjoy it more. I think the best way to keep people interest too is to use the Port Bonus's as a way to make ports interesting by having it preset to certain values for different ports, so that port bonus's are still in the game and are useful and are a way to compliment RvR rather than having it be a grind. Som
  13. Thanks for the lack of specification of proper nations, considering France and Danes have similar active numbers I must also consider by your previous sentiments that Denmark is also not a "proper nation". Yeah clans can swap but the ones who would make an impact by swapping, BF, SHOCK, REDS are kind of trapped by their own success in Russia now and can not swap naitons despite some of the clan leaders/officers in those clans expressing the desire to on multiple occasions in the past. Other clans such as WTF, SLRN, ANCRE, PURG3 and probably some US clans (my knowledge there is vague at be
  14. It just seems to be that people have become blinded by their short term loss they are unable to see long term content gains of having more than 2 nations be considered "Proper" nations. The current state of the game makes it near impossible for someone to leave a zerg EVEN IF they wanted to and the only rebuttle I have seen is "proper mechanics" which is some vague term with no meaning behind it, even if you guys could add a little detail to your idea that didn't include some admin intervention one off stuff.
  15. What "proper" nations are in the game other than Russia and Sweden, don't say GB that is just a noob swarm of drama lmao. The reason I propose the periodic resets is that I see it as the best way to regularly have a chance for clans to rebalance the game. I see no foreseeable way in the current map state to dethrone Russia, they have won the map fair and square, however having this state be prolonged in the game is just stagnating the game massively. To go back to the point on Prussia, when I was in prussia we had some limited wars against segments of GB and against Spain which were enjoy
  16. I mean France has had some RvR recently and the fact that a nation like France can be considered "Dead" in the game is kind of proof in the pudding that how few nations have "active" populations, and as I said, this wouldn't be an easy pill to swallow but in my opinon having the game go through cycles would mean more players in the long run, and I don't see anyway to encourage people to leave zergs without admin giving some kind of special treatment to some clans which would open up a can of worms of forum whining that I am sure admin could do without
  17. Whats the point in having all the books and collectibles when there are dwindling numbers of people on open sea
  18. Perhaps, but from the talk that a lot of clan leaders put out they feel trapped in their current nations with clans they would rather not be with, due to them having to give up so much to swap, so I doubt you would see the same clan setup in at least GB, Pirates, US and Russia
  19. Lets say for example then that port investments stay as they are now, if someone loses their crafting port now and leaves the game(which is very likely or at a minimum only a portion will stay and of that most will swap nations) they will not come back. If there are resets they are more likely to give the game a try again on the next reset since everyone will be in the same boat again, so to speak.
  20. Read what I said about port bonus's I said there should be default bonus's on some ports that aren't too wild. This suggestion would probably require too much change, both technically and in peoples attitudes. However, If implemented has the potential to help NA last a long time since RvR and PvP content would be very dynamic and would mean people have things to do in game which makes them sail, and more people on open world generally trends with more activity in the playerbase
  21. Yeah, this change would need an overhaul to go along with it, such as changes to the grind for books etc, maybe make encyclopedia parts cost like 500 CMs or the usual luck chance so that even if you are super unlucky there is a clear way to get the best stuff in the game. Ships and Money are easy to get a reasonable amount of, doubs are kinda useless in this patch beyond the basic books and port investments. Another change that I feel would compliment reset's would be the removal of build able port bonus's, like i said in OP is to have pre designated setups in some ports to give them stra
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