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  1. I agree with OP strongly - this game does and will need far better tutorials for new players, both in ship builder, and battle mechanics. A lack of this will kill its appeal to a wider audience outside of the hardcore dreadheads that dominate this forum currently. Feedback from players new to the game is every bit as important - perhaps more so in certain areas - than that from those hardcore enthusiasts that have been immersed in development from first Alpha.
  2. Was 'the wiggle' a historic reality through the timescale of UAD? I don't particularly like the idea of having to micromanage wiggle all my vessels constantly in every battle to achieve parity with AI.
  3. I think this thread is highlighting the fact that during ship design many of the variables which are going to affect your ship's performance are inscrutable and hidden away in the mountains of data on the right hand side of the screen. While the dedicated dreadheads are going to be prepared to dig around in these numbers to discover their meaning and impact, the vast majority of players are going to be left baffled and unsure what difference their various design decisions are making. I feel that the devs are going to need to spend some time looking at the shipbuilder UI and the way it com
  4. So could be days, could be weeks, could be months?
  5. Any devs willing to comment on Steam release date?
  6. I purchased a Captain's edition several months ago, which gives me access to EA on Steam but I find myself increasingly itching to play! Is there a date for the steam early access release - should I wait for this, or is it worth me paying for upgrade to Commodore to get playing now? Thanks
  7. Of course what you write is true - and what you describe are in effect transport protection battles, rather than navally-opposed amphib landings, the lack of which I was trying to get at originally. I don't think we've got anything to worry about in terms of devs deciding to add land battles to this game anyway, never gonna happen.
  8. Perhaps what you would please you RAMJB in this game (serious suggestion) is a game mode that restricts the player to a fixed camera just above the flagship to simulate the admiral's physical position. No deviating from this camera position. I would welcome this as an option for those that wished it.
  9. Yes, I'm aware of Savo/Samar etc, and I think they back up what I'm getting at - that there were never any cases of amphib landings being interrupted with troops shot up in the water etc by enemy surface fleets. The naval engagements effectively were completely separate from what was happening on land. We both agree here that land battles are completely extraneous to this game.
  10. You disagree that this is a game? Interesting position.
  11. During the timespan of this game, I can't think of any serious naval engagements that occurred while an amphibious landing was underway nearby? There were attempts to intercept landing ships, but that's what transport protection missions are for. But battles where one fleet is fending off another while amphibious craft make an opposed landing? I can't think of one. Land and sea fighting wasn't quite as connected in Dreadnoughts timeframe as it was in Age of Sail, seems to me. Land battles wholly unnecessary here. Air power is obviously the thing that is missing (although that would make
  12. Thanks for your thoughts RAMJB. I'm curious as to which of the wish-list I've espoused you actually disagree with: -Fleet Formation. -Fleet Maneuver. -Better enemy AI. -Crew and crew morale. -independent main/secondary/torp targeting -manual torpedo fire mode -more refined individual ship/division targeting options, perhaps affected by radio/signalling tech
  13. I second this - the game is in danger of being decided in the shipyard, and not at sea. Obviously in reality this was in large part the case, but nevertheless this is a game. To the above list I would add better targeting options: -independent main/secondary/torp targeting (sorry to repeat myself) -manual torpedo fire mode -more refined individual ship/division targeting options, perhaps affected by radio/signalling tech
  14. #Steeltrap Thanks for the info - appreciate it! As you point out, it's dense stuff understanding what everything means in the ship designer, and user help/explanation would go a long way. I use the term 'dreadhead' with the greatest respect btw! I'm a history enthusiast, and enjoy games for their 'realism', but not to the extent that I even knew what a barbette was before playing this game, for example. So while I think it's important all those folks who know what they are talking about help make this game as realistic feeling as possible, I think every bit as great an emphasis needs
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