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  1. The amount of time chasing enemy ships and never finding them is pretty insane at the moment. There is no skill or satisfaction in watching your ships chase as 'smoke detected to the west' message for hours on end. Completely enjoyment breaking, sadly. What I don't quite get is that currently before a battle begins, we are told the composition of both fleets. Then we move to the battle screen, and both fleets start outside of visual range. So how are we meant to know which enemy vessels are involved if we haven't yet sighted them? Seems to me there should be an extra pre-battle pha
  2. Great to see V0.1 of the campaign. Sure it will be great, but not really a playable game at the moment is it? I'm not griping, just observing. What strategic decisions does the player have at the moment? You can set the budget, you can build ships, aaaaannnndddd you can change their status from 'fleet in being' to 'sea control'. That's it? I can understand the devs have felt they needed to give some meat to the baying crowd of hungry dreadheads in this forum, but probably a little early to release this build seems to me. Again, I'm not angry or disappointed, I just hope the devs keep dev
  3. Returning to the game after many months. Great to see the beginnings of the campaign implemented - still have every hope this will be the best naval game ever created, with further development. Two simple though fundamental points regarding the in-battle player experience: Ship speed (both player at enemy vessels) - this information is not presented well. Friendly ship speed (and max speed) could be made much clearer. When I click/hover over a vessel I really want to see that info (yes I know I can click into the unit cards, but this is cumbersome). Hovering over an enemy vessel sh
  4. Not a regular poster. Just keeping eye on development. But thought I'd say: mods, please ban this white supremacist fascist.
  5. Those who argue against having some form of mini-map are arguing against historical immersion because a fleet admiral would have a map on the bridge with plots on it to make decisions during battle. The map could easily be made toggle off for those with an absurd opposition to this feature.
  6. When I run the exe through the website in the OP I get the same alert for the same trojan. I do not know this website however - it appears to running the file past a number of other virus checkers, only one of which detects this trojan. Could this be a false alert?
  7. I'm assuming something I don't have knowledge about here, but wouldn't the admiral of a fleet have some kind of map in the bridge where current dispositions would be marked? Either on a table or on a wall? In which case some kind of 'mini map' or 'tactical map' would be very much in keeping with 'realism'.
  8. I agree with OP strongly - this game does and will need far better tutorials for new players, both in ship builder, and battle mechanics. A lack of this will kill its appeal to a wider audience outside of the hardcore dreadheads that dominate this forum currently. Feedback from players new to the game is every bit as important - perhaps more so in certain areas - than that from those hardcore enthusiasts that have been immersed in development from first Alpha.
  9. Was 'the wiggle' a historic reality through the timescale of UAD? I don't particularly like the idea of having to micromanage wiggle all my vessels constantly in every battle to achieve parity with AI.
  10. I think this thread is highlighting the fact that during ship design many of the variables which are going to affect your ship's performance are inscrutable and hidden away in the mountains of data on the right hand side of the screen. While the dedicated dreadheads are going to be prepared to dig around in these numbers to discover their meaning and impact, the vast majority of players are going to be left baffled and unsure what difference their various design decisions are making. I feel that the devs are going to need to spend some time looking at the shipbuilder UI and the way it com
  11. So could be days, could be weeks, could be months?
  12. Any devs willing to comment on Steam release date?
  13. I purchased a Captain's edition several months ago, which gives me access to EA on Steam but I find myself increasingly itching to play! Is there a date for the steam early access release - should I wait for this, or is it worth me paying for upgrade to Commodore to get playing now? Thanks
  14. Of course what you write is true - and what you describe are in effect transport protection battles, rather than navally-opposed amphib landings, the lack of which I was trying to get at originally. I don't think we've got anything to worry about in terms of devs deciding to add land battles to this game anyway, never gonna happen.
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