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  1. it,s besides the point of why the Netherlands should not be added from a Historic context compared to China. which is what we are discussing remember? you are literally saying china has more of a right to be in the game because of a "what if"scenario Compared to What the dutch Navy actually did Historically. which isn't clever. if it wasn't for the fact that the sino japanese war is out of timeframe for this game. which is 1899 up to 1940, not 1890 to 1940 like you mentioned. the sino japanese war ended in 1895. so your argument is invalid Jutland comes to mind. the Germ
  2. fair point. still i cannot see how making the game more accessable to newcomers when it comes to a tutorial is a bad thing. it only gives benefits in regards to community and selling the game to more people. for someone "technically inclined" like me the game still raises many questions. like bow and aft weight being not inbalance and the effects this have. what kind of percentage is acceptable and unacceptable?. maybe they want you to experiment with it yourself by trial and error. and i do not mind. but the point i am trying to get across is the game causing frustration rather then enjoy
  3. Oke sure. but considering the scale and depth of the game a comprehensive tutorial would be better to atract a larger audiance.i guess the developers want people to buy the game and not instantly refund it because they do not understand anything in the game and what purpose it serves.
  4. China also had no interesting Naval history happening in the time period the game is set. alternate history is besides the point. i could also do a "What if the netherlands took part in WW1 and teamed up with the German navy " which is something they were considering IRL. to make the exact same argument which is pointless.. even other country,s like Spain which also are in thegame were not Relevant in that period. so you cannot use that excuse. The dutch navy played a vital part in the ABDA fleet in the pacific war during WW2. taking part in the battle for the Java sea which was 1 of the
  5. after watching a couple of Videos on youtube about this game i decided to support it and try out the Alpha. My only background with Naval games was WOWS which i don't really like because lack of realism, And Battlestations Midway/Pacific when i was a kid. which i did like alot. I like this game alot. the freedom to build everything you want within realistic limits is an awesome gameplay mechanic. The battles themself are Epic and even while i do not understand exactly all of the mechanics at work under the hood it is very immersive. The game Runs like a charm as well. which i had not expe
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