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  1. I'm General Cornwallis and I have to say this is utterly ridiculous… I joined the battle in the Hopes of helping out since I have an outpost in Castries. I had no idea that joining a battle would take a slot or cause any issues whatsoever. Although, I did realise immediately that my Third rate was not the right ship as I was surrounded by Victories. In my own defense, I did bring an LS which is what I was told should be used for PB's. I was immediately convoed by several people asking why I had joined the battle and that I should leave immediately. Realising my error, I left, to only find out that now I’m considered a spy. I have never been treated so harshly in a game which provides very little information for new players and the dynamics involved in in PB’s. I merely wanted to help out... ARE ALL PLAYERS IN THIS GAME PRICKS? Moving forward…I will leave the PB’s to your obvious superior intellects and am seriously debating whether this game is even worth playing…
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