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  1. Is the PvE Server down or is it just me ?
  2. Hey Devs, is it possible to change the visibility of the mission markers? Why i asking cause they sometimes really hard to find into the early morning fog, in stormy Weather etc. I was thinking of some glowing colored Mission Markers, a cool shiny Red for the standard Missions, and some darker red or Orange Markers for the Epic Events. Would be great if this can be done! Greetings from the Netherlands, Ahoi, Der Fliegende Hollaender!
  3. I vote for Travel Improvement, which is included into my little suggestion i made into another thread! Ahoi. From the Netherlands! Keep up the Good Work!
  4. This should be part of it indeed, lets say my AI trader will be attacked, the consequences will be your lost your goods and the money you spend for the goods. In this case you can only order again and hopefully the AI can make it to your choosen OP. This system can be build further out, example would be Hiring AI traders etc. Building yourself ships for the AI Trader or let the system random choose a Ship etc. But this is something the Devs, should look into it! Important is a good Balance and Realism!
  5. Thats the idea indeed AI traders, should transport your goods, and they could be attacked by players, which would work on both PvP and PvE. I am against Teleports aswell which would kill a lot of realism.
  6. Dear Devs, i dont know if this suggestions have been admitted before, but let me give you an idea of mine idea/suggestion. Trade/Delivery Tool. Iam playing now since two weeks and last days i started to craft more! The Trade Tool helps alot to find materials i need, but it could have a Expansion to make things easier! Example: I need for my craft silver, i search a Production Harbour, using the trade tool, sailing there a long time, once i am there, i see the materials are sold out. This is a point where i am getting frustrated, sailing there for an hour or more to find out
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