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  1. @admin Need a Fix asap for capping 4th - 1st Rates. Ship stores are full of that, players in capital areas do nothing else. Thank you
  2. Example: indefatigable, 350crew. More crew that any 5th rate.. Hmmmm. You can kill that ship and run away with every 5th rate. (no Live Oak, floating battery) Yes, it can kill and board every 6th rate. But in no words I said, that this ship is a 6th rate. Experienced players will kill that ship and average player will lose against xebec, but average players will lose in any other ship and against any other experiences players in any other ships. In other words: You lose most of the time against the enemy captain, not enemy type of ship. Ship is not OP, it's only OP, that you can redeem every day a new one.
  3. Schebecke Easy to sail, hard to kill, never to catch. I like this ship. Doesn't seems OP, very low structure, heeling, hard to shoot to the lee side. If this ship get speed nerf, it will be a useless ship like rookie brigs. Everyone sails herc and xebec and guys get only sink by this ships. Because of that, everyone think and says, this ships are OP. Clicking 1 week to get 5/5 Crew Space Very Cramped xD Last words, beautiful ship devs..
  4. Zwei mal drei macht vier, widewidewitt und drei macht neune, ich mach mir die Welt, widewide wie sie mir gefällt. Dark Lord Pipi Langstrumpf.
  5. Smell to farm things that you will get, when you pass the exams. If I do only the exams and getting cerberus, hull, rig repairs, rum, books and sell it or transfer to friends or alts, to get be rich, how you will deal with it? Sincerely
  6. I like the realism splinterdamage and it dont need to lower it. Maybe in range above 250m could be decrease the splinterdamage. For more realism and get the hater out from this Feature, you add wounded Crew or shocked Crew in. You get a Sternrake and lost ~300 Crew.. Thats much but real. So we say 150 are definitly dead and 150 are wounded and shocked and out of sailingcrew.. You get this Crew back in Maybe 5-10min but you are very vulnerable at this time. Doctorperk will decrease the time of wounded/shocked Crew.
  7. I dislike the Idea to get more Fine stuff from refining Basic in combination with LH. It would be nice, if activ playing Players can get more Fine or can use 'unused' XP for crafting more Fine. The System now its like, more alt Accounts you have, more Fine you get. Everyone who really play the game and gain XP for PvP/PvE should get the Option to get more Materials or stuff to build a better ship and Not these Players who have trillion Altaccounts.
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