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  1. no, but single players are not the target audience so they can be discarded.
  2. not necessary, people who post fake tribunal threads are mostly quickly dealt with.
  3. so excited!! can't wait for these new features!! @admin congrats to you and your team ! now let's keep up with new mechanics and features like this and the game might be saved!
  4. PVE and PVP should merge together, 2 servers for a game that is low on population is ridiculous!
  5. this won't solve anything, the dev team needs to realise that you cant remove all dissent about the game.
  6. NICE!!! thanks for this! are there any ideas to give the player the control of the fortifications and maybe even the guns them self like on ships?
  7. I also came up with a sort of a similar idea and some other ideas that use a political system.
  8. good to see you realised that changing mechanics already in the game is not gonna help, we need more content indeed. this is the first step in fixing a problem, recognising the problem. I suggest that you take a good and thorough look at all ideas for new content and by logic pint it down to a few ideas and then make a plan/document outlining what needs to be done to realise this new content idea. it would also be good if the player base/community got a vote on what they think is the most fun, needed, wanted and realistic to create.
  9. this indeed connects to the hard-core game that the dev team(you) said that NA would be, I am happy and thankful that you have gone back to roots of the game. I hope that after this patch is deployed and all the bugs that this patch will most likely generate are resolved that you as the dev team can finally move on with this game and give NA more, new and wider reaching content. sadly the low amount of content and thinks to do in Naval action really holds the game back, please tell me if you have any fun ideas for the future of Naval Action, it doesn't matter if it could only be realised in 1 or 2 years the idea matters the most.
  10. yeah agreed, that does sound crazy indeed, but still good to see that there is more reward for a players effort in the game.
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