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  1. Rickard

    Back after 2 years

    I agree with you! the game has become better than 2 years back, but many issues are still present.
  2. let's discuss this and see if we can come to a solution.
  3. Rickard

    Back after 2 years

    that's debatable...LOL.
  4. agreed! could not have said it better myself!
  5. please think about implementing the current shipwreck system to something like this.
  6. 12 is very, very, very exaggerated.
  7. unannounced and quick "RAID", the clue is in the name. "Raid" != "Port Battle";
  8. yeah, I can remember those times. big battles big ship movements and even bigger Teamspeak channels, fun times indeed! a "Raid" itself could, of course, develop into a port battle if the troop numbers are high enough of course, but it should, however, be somewhat harder to get the PB going then the "Raid".
  9. I agree a "Raid" should be something unannounced and quick, but to limit the Strength of a "Raid" should be within a time slot set by the defender, the person to set this time slot should once again be the Lord-Protector of the port just like before and just to give a lord-protector something to do.
  10. well isn't the concept of a "raid" to attack the port just like a port battle but instead of capturing the city/port just capture lots of supplies, materials and gold and then run away?
  11. this would work I think, the conquest mechanic currently in the game can stay, but the flag system could indeed be implemented for raids WHICH WERE PROMISED AS CONTENT! some time ago. this way the flag system will be back and generate quick conquest action and extra content is added to the game which we badly need. @Hemp Amore what do you think about this compromise?
  12. why go back to the flag system! it was a placeholder seriously! just wait for the devs to update to a more in-depth system, stop proposing to the devs to change existing mechanics and rather ask for new/more mechanics which will bring us more content.