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  1. the game is still 40 euros, how amazing would it be if NA went free to play we would have some many players, mayby even to much.
  2. they are two great ideas indeed and would up the game to a new high. however I very much doubt if the current Dev team is able to implement a system like this.
  3. hey admin sorry for cutting in the conversation like this but I was just wondering if the dev team had decided yet what raids are going to look like based on the poll asking the community on there opinion. if this was already announced then I probably missed it and would appreciate it if you would post a link to that topic. thanks in advance.
  4. I agree, at this point, NA needs all players it can get including solo players.
  5. I know reading is hard but it was a question, not a statement and certainly not a fact. considering your answer can I assume that fixed alliances are still on the table(as far as we are informed)?
  6. you can and should still be able to play NA effectively on solo but it's more fun with other people and clans, thus I disagree with your statement.
  7. I hope that we can all agree that such players have to do at least a bit of politics and interactions with other players. otherwise, shipbuilding and gathering resources might become to easy in regards to mass production by clans/well-organised groups, right?
  8. sorry if I am not caught up with the latest news but does this imply that fixed alliances will be implemented? instead of the more popular option(as shown by voting)player made alliances without limitations. also, what is the dev teams decision regarding the community feedback for Raids?
  9. hey admin sorry to bother you but please you at your raids proposal and the poll, lots of people have voted and pointed out some issues and improvements.
  10. option B is the best option, its better for smaller groups of players and small clans and will basically create a second type of port battle that can be called when people want to fight and not later this is good for regular players and people who don't like the politics and frontlines. having a flag that you need to bring to a city to announce a raid is also a very good idea, I can still remember the great battles I and my clan/ nation got while using or countering this mechanic. basically, if option b is chosen a raid will hopefully bring more action and interesting situations to NA and will tempt some regular players to come back to the game. however, there is 1 issue, after the raid is completed the loot should not be capturable or only half of it so that a big nation cant just gank a smaller nation that is raiding, perhaps a special slot on ships should be created in which players can put the loot that they think is most valuable so after the raid is successful the attackers did the whole raid for nothing. there is also the other side of the story, for instance, I could also imagine that a raiding nation would not go into the raid without backup from there allies and the attacking nation should think of battle plans and what to do when the defending nation just blockades the port and waits for the raiders to go back home with there loot. also, it wasn't fully clear to me if the attacking nation is only battling against elite NPCs, I would prefer to fight players and only if the attackers lack players the slots will be filled with NPC after a few minutes as in reinforces.
  11. no, but single players are not the target audience so they can be discarded.
  12. not necessary, people who post fake tribunal threads are mostly quickly dealt with.
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