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  1. only if they are not fixed, enforced and are to an extent democratically decided like all clans in the nation get 1 vote.
  2. did you ask the community for possible sollutions to abuse, holding, taking fake raids, etc.?? the flag system can be made better and more user friendly so what ideas did you have for possibly eliminating abuse, holding, taking fake raids??
  3. what happened to the original idea for Raids where players can attack/plunder another player held port?
  4. not with the right upgrades, Hercs can be real killers.
  5. dont try to make this into a Pay to win game, you want a good ship? then build one!!
  6. as said befor by @Borch you could just implement the raids now so that there will be more content, and if smaller clans realy feel that raids are impossible to complete you just ask the community to create Topics with there ideas to make raids better and you pick the best one
  7. we need AI ships that recogise enemies and battles in which they can help.
  8. new content or replacing current features with more in-depth once like: an idea for diplomacy and politics an idea for a more in-depth shipwreck mechanic a real mystery on the OW wich the players have to attack or defend like a server wide event instead of the shipwreck event, also bring back clues in water bottles that hint at the location, direction, destination and/or valuables. with the first itration of the server wide shipwreck event many players enjoyed those little hints a great deal. and content with wich NA can hold on to new players.
  9. the game is still 40 euros, how amazing would it be if NA went free to play we would have some many players, mayby even to much.
  10. they are two great ideas indeed and would up the game to a new high. however I very much doubt if the current Dev team is able to implement a system like this.
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