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  1. OK so everyone hates being ganked especial when your outnumbered and the tag and re tag is a extremely painful process so i'm proposing there be an option for the poor bastard being ganked that if he manages to get away he can have the option to teleport to nearest port to give him that head start because lets face it if u have to log off a game to get away from a battle that's not promoting people to keep playing this game and knowing that u can get away only to get re-tagged time and time again is just frustrating as well as who ever else is waiting for you.... But if your the ganker u shouldn't have the option to teleport this should also give the local forces a chance to get to the action and mach/fend off the gankers
  2. got to stop living in the past lads if you have a better idea to make this game great for everyone then suggest it
  3. So much salt in this thread... There have been some real good suggestions to the current problems we are faced with and that was the whole intention of starting this thread. This game is in development and we choose to test it. I feel that being negative about exploits until fixed is no good, I'm sure the devs are doing their best with their small crew and we as testers need to work with the devs to have these problems/exploits sorted before release. Bringing up pasts salty memory's is not helping the game, try think of solutions to help this game succeed, be positive But i do feel if the pop was bigger this wouldn't be an issue :/ Maybe a gentle mans agreement until the pop increases might have to be in order.
  4. well maybe multiple event areas that build hostility throughout the week which could lead up to a port battle if enough hostility is reached by rewarding paints and ships to encourage battle
  5. It has come to my attention that the horrid tactics of attacking different time zone nations feels like its destroying the game... I'm one of a few aussies that play on the denmark/norge nation and although i realize i am unable to make most port battles because of my time zone i try to do my part for the nation. But recently I've notice a large US force taking advantage of most of my European mates at times were they are asleep and i am at work causing grief and getting port battles that suit their time zones. Now this is fine for the US, it is their prime time and why shouldn't they enjoy it while they are in maxed numbers. But i feel the grieving is forcing the dedicated denmark/norge players to stay awake to horrible hours of the morning during the week nights only to be met by a handful of frigates one night and mocked then meet a full 1st/2nd rate fleet on other nights to be a disgrace to the game. 25v25 first rate battles are intense and are the pinnacle of this game with the most risk and most at stake with only 1 dura ships and to me this is what makes this game I propose port battles to be held on weekends so all time zones have a chance to participate. I also propose that a screening fleet should have to patrol a greater area then directly out front of the port, i feel that you should be able to join a port battle from a 6 square radius from the port to give a good chance of meeting an even 25v25 port battle because lets face it a half full port battle is a waste of everyone's time.
  6. This is why i feel if there was more time to alow for reinforcements to join but cut off when the BR is reached it will allow for more fair fight i
  7. I have found every PVP battle i have been in lately always seams to be an out numbered battle I would like to sugest that the battle timer stays open until the BR is reached to give reinforcements a chance to reach the battle I believe this will increase the chance of even battles What are everyones thoughts?
  8. I had the same problem with my st pavel I was mid order when the server crashed and wouldnt let me log back in by the time i had logged in i found my st pavel with only 1 dura left is there any way we can be re-imbursed for our losses thanx user (ballz)
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