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  1. Still unable to change my clan description. Anyone manage to get that sorted? or had any issues doing so? I have tried a myriad of things to get it working...
  2. Awesome stuff, i look forward to seeing that when it comes in
  3. Or just set 3 types of ports, Shallow, Medium and Deep. Therefore all of the ships in the game can be used and it will introduce more Frigate (5th and 4th Rate) style battles. All that needs added is Medium ports somehow and job is done. that means everyone can be involved
  4. I can confirm from my point of view within this fleet. The individual in questions was following the main fleets tonight with great interest and initiated tags when the BR for the enemy against us would have never allowed them to get us into a battle. Not only is this a major annoyance to players on a daily basis, it is actually a game breaking technique which is being used to destroy people hard work within game. If it was happening from GB players my thoughts would be the same. Play the bloody game, stop trying to find cheat methods to counter attack. If people dont want to meet us in OW or Port Battles, dont be so sly and cheeky as to throw tactics like this at us! N.B - There are a few other names in the battle lists which are not verified as legitimate players etc. One person who was confirmed was "frederick de booty". This is a genuine account and it was my own mistake to accuse that person.
  5. BUT WAIT, THE PORT TIMERS MIGHT BE AT 4-6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Ridiculous, get a fooking grip. P.S. If game allows me to set said timer to anytime i want, i will set it to ANYTIME i goddamn want. I don't give a crap what my enemies "feelings" are on the matter. You are my enemy. If you are not dedicated enough to stay up and defend, or to get up and launch attacks, well boo hoo. Stop crying about it and saying i am cheating by using a game mechanic. I am not the one tagging AI fleets to drag 25 rate ship flag carrier groups into battles right before they plant flags. I am not the one flipping ports between nations helping each other to stop said port being attacked in hostilities. I do not read anyones comments here and allow it to sway my opinion on the good fights or chats i have had with certain French Captains. Kill the forums, people are much nicer people in game when they arent attempting to big themselves up. This place is toxic so i am out
  7. Honestly do not understand why certain people are so salty. Its only a game. I really hope you realise that. I personally set some of the timers in the Panama area and if i am allowed to set them to anytime within the conqest screen i will set them to whatever time strategically helps us. If you cant be arsed staying up to attack ports, or waking up to attack ports, do not moan at us for being smart with our timers. You all have the same option haha. I personally fought in over 12-15 PB's over the weekend and only 3 of them i was in where contested by the French. I have however met the French Captains in OW battles, and even within the PB's they are brilliant. Fantastic fun, great to have a little bit of banter with and i fully agree with the original post. I have heard of pleasantries such as not sinking each other or "ganking" individuals 4/5 on 1 etc which is just nice to see. We even tried to set up a fun 1v1 scenario in a PB as we stared each other down for 45 minutes. Anyway i personally have had great fun in this war, and i do not have any complaints against the French. Except i wish i was only the French we were fighting on this front.
  8. Fully Agree. A minor action we "don't" take within our sanbox empires which shows our support for those who have already, and are currently still suffering from the horrendous acts of Terrorism and Extremism across the Globe. To all those affected, my thoughts are with you.
  9. I just want to personally thank the developers and all the support staff for the creation of this game and all the hard work they are doing. They will never be able to please everyone, and myself included i have ideas and thoughts but i think carefully if they are relevant before posting them haha. I am in no way looking for the game to be dumbed down though Anyway, i have never had a game suck me in as much as this has, since getting it on the 25th Jan i am now up over 500 hours and its funny considering i don't actually do anything that exciting in game. Thank you all, keep up your continued good work, and in amongst all the nonsense reviews or moaning children, just remember you have a fan base who play the game as it is meant to be played, and we appreciate everything you are doing. Thanks
  10. Great to hear. Will be interesting to see what happens in 2-3 hours time
  11. Man you guys are reading far too much into this. Its just a bit of fun Trust me if you guys posted a picture of yourselves outside PR in a massive fleet i would be laughing my ass off. Anyway, to avoid unnecessary and unwarranted political stuff can a mod kill this thread. Thanks
  12. Haha i am assuming this post maybe caused some upset within the pirate community as GB woke up to some major offensives ;)
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