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  1. MarkusBarak

    Le requin exploit.

    I will edit the title slightly.
  2. MarkusBarak

    Fix infinite chain on fleet ships, it is bullshit

    If we did this it would eliminate the small ships from being able to bring down first rates. If we did this though determined defender would need a rework.
  3. MarkusBarak

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Saint Mary's PB... The US lost once they took there WASAs out of the far circle.
  4. MarkusBarak

    Duel/Small Battles

    Its a battle we ended up losing the Niagara.... We engaged what we thought was a Requin and 3 traders + a friendly herc VS a Niagara and a Herec.... Thought it was gonna be a good fight.... Nope was Heth with 3 other Requins in fleet.....
  5. MarkusBarak

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Requin is such a great ship. Here was a fun battle from last night.
  6. Agreed somewhat but the US also has the great barrier to the north which no one will ever attack from there is only ONE way up the US coast and with thousands of miles of protected coast. No one has to sail an hour through safe zones to get to where the players are. Show me an example if LR goes protected where a nation has that much protection in depth.
  7. The only counter point I have to having LR have a high BR is the distance a fleet must travel just to get there. Thousand miles of US coast just to get to LR the only reason why it was so easy this time was it went neutral... If we had to travel the whole distance you might have stopped us.
  8. Wow... Good point from Sir Texas.... Whats next....
  9. The US need a thousand miles of unconquerable ports that they can grind in that they can be sure to have enough warning if someone starts coming up the coast.
  10. Well I guess the US at this point does need all the help it can get.
  11. If they make it unconquerable it should be neutral! If they do this all the way though the US will be hurting themselves more than helping was the only northern port besides ST Mary's that they could tweak the trade good get better labor hours and now increase chance of getting a good ship.... but hey at least they will have a safe zone from Maine to GA......
  12. MarkusBarak

    Caribbean Invasion News

    The US coast currently makes farming marks for those books easier than it would in other locations. And we have had several fights this week on the US coast that have not been clubbing with US numbers outnumbering UwS by a decent ammount. We still stand and fight.
  13. MarkusBarak

    Caribbean Invasion News

    I would say that UwS has a huge focus on the US for the time being. However that is to change as our goal for now is to build up pvp marks for some books for the clan prior to moving on to other waters. Also while he’s the occasional club happens the majority of the time UwS sit ourside major US ports waiting for a Coast Guard to meet us and fight. We have typically fought outnumbered and only when odds are far outside our favor will we break and run.
  14. MarkusBarak

    Caribbean Invasion News

    We supported the Spanish in a port battle against the Brit’s a few nights before we ended up in a 25 on 9 first rate battle in which we took out three I believe before being completely overwhelmed. So we have been places other than the US coast. We are just trying to unlock combat carpenters on all our guys and loadsman on some of our guys so we need to farm up the pvp marks.
  15. MarkusBarak

    Caribbean Invasion News

    This can also be done with an LGV Refit which is designed for raiding traders and hiding in enemy ports.